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I'm not feeling very good. It's been a rainy, gloomy day, and I spent most of it at work. As soon as I got home, I had to clean my house and do laundry since I will be out of town tomorrow. Is this what my life has turned into? Work, work, and more work? I'm feeling very dissatisfied with life today. I feel like I'm living my life on autopilot. There is no excitement or interest. I made the mistake of watching a romantic comedy for a little while today. This just made me feel even worse. I want to feel passionate about something. Instead, all I feel is blah. I realize that I have so much to be thankful for, and I am thankful, but I find myself wanting more. I can't help the way I feel. Hopefully, its just hormones or the bad weather bringing me down.

Due to my bad mood and the bad weather, I didn't take outfit pictures today. Instead, I'm giving you some review leftovers. My shopping trip to Anthro is tomorrow, and I plan on doing some new reviews, so I figured tonight was a good time to post these. I'm really looking forward to spending some time out tomorrow with some fellow bloggers and doing a little retail therapy! Have a good night!

Poised For Flight Shirt ($88). I really liked this top. It's a very comfortable, flowy top, and I love the pretty embroidery on it. It runs huge! This is a size 4, and I still have plenty of room in it except through the arms. I think the price is too high for what it is, but I will definitely be getting this one when it goes on sale. Wishlisted.

Channel Churns Top ($78). I love the color of this top! However, the fit was just okay. This is a size small. I think it's a very versatile piece that would look good under cardigans in the Fall/Winter and by itself in the Spring/Summer. Again, the price is pretty high for what it is, so I will reconsider this one when it goes on sale. Wishlisted.

Sunrise, Sunset Cardigan ($78). I'm allergic to wool, so anytime I see a cotton cardigan, I pounce on it. I thought this would be a cute cardigan to wear on more casual days. This is a size small. It just wasn't very flattering on me from the side view. Pass.

Garden Rows Top ($68). This looked like a neat little top on the hanger. I love the cute floral bow running down the front. This is a size medium. Once I got it on my body, I was no longer impressed. It was a very awkward fit on me. Too bad, because I really wanted to like it. Pass.

Regroup Top ($68). I like the pretty colors in this top. I think this would make a great layering piece. Once I got it on, it just didn't wow me. This is a size small. Pass.

Piece De Resistance Blouse($128) with no name cardigan and Leather Circle Skirt($228). This was an outfit the store had on display. I knew there was no way I could afford it, so I just tried it on for fun. I like the blouse, but it definitely runs big. This is a size medium, but I needed a small. I can't find this sweater on the website. It is made out of very itchy wool and not flattering at all on me especially with this skirt. The skirt was too flared. It made my hips look huge! Pass on all of these items.



  1. That Sunrise/Sunset Cardi looks like such a "Bonnie" cardi. :) Love the reviews.

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, but I hope your Anthro meet-up did the trick!

    And thanks for these reviews. It's a shame the Sunrise/Sunset didn't work for you. As modernmom said, it really does look like a "Bonnie" cardigan!

  3. Bonnie.... It is so nice to know that someone else out there has a wool allergy. I feel your pain. The feeling you get when you find the perfect sweater, only to look at the label and pray..but alas it's wool. Have you done the I don't care if it's wool I like to much anyway and buy it, only to have friends ask what's that rash on your neck? I feel your pain!!! You are not alone!!! Christina


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