Mossy Atoms Blowing in the Cold Wind

Burr! There's a cold wind ablowin' today. I detest going out of the house on days like today. I think it's suppose to be cold like this all week, so I guess I better bundle up and get used to it! This is an outfit I bought to wear all year round, and this my first time wearing it in cold weather. I think it transitions well. I just added tights, and of course a coat, gloves, hat, scarf, etc., etc.

I'm anxious to see if anything goes on sale tomorrow at Anthro. I really hope nothing on my wishlist goes on sale! I've already bought 2 things this month when I wasn't suppose to buy anything. I really need to work on my willpower! LOL! Are you guys waiting for anything in particular to go on sale? I'll be back later tonight with some reviews, so stayed tuned!

MossyAtoms 011

MossyAtoms 019

MossyAtoms 023

MossyAtoms 052

MossyAtoms 055

Skirt: Anthropologie Mossy Atoms Skirt

Top: Anthropologie

Sweater: J Crew Jackie Cardigan

Belt: Anthropologie Lap Around Belt

Shoes: Seychelles Apple a Day Pumps

Necklace: Anthropologie



  1. This is a beautiful combo Bonnie.
    I am secretly hoping the Peggy Sue goes on sale but i know that won't happen so i have to find something else :-) let's see what happens!

  2. I love this whole ensemble. So pretty!

  3. Wow! I love that combo! The necklace is the perfect touch. :)

  4. This is lovely Bonnie, it works well as a winter outfit. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that nothing goes on sale although I've just seen a sale post from Roxy in my google reader.... ; )

  5. Just started following your blog and I think you are stunning! I have 4 kids and try to shy away from the 'mommy uniform' and you are quite inspiring! Is your house always so clean?!

  6. Jen: Thanks! The Peggy Sue is such a "Jen" dress!

    Loraine: Thanks!

    Ady: Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't planning on wearing this necklace with it, but when I saw it hanging in my closet, I knew it would be the perfect touch.

    Louise: Thankfully, nothing I HAD to have went on sale!

    Karen: Aww! Thanks! I must admit I'm pretty obsessive with keeping things looking clean, so yes, it always looks like this. However, I'm pretty good at creating the illusion of clean. I keep everything straightened up, but as far as deep cleaning goes, not so much!


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