Two Years

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Dress: Anthropologie Brushed Terra Dress - Size M
Cardigan: Anthropologie Amrita Cardigan - Size M
Belt: Anthropologie Scalloped Perimeter Belt - Size M
Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots
Ring: Lucky Jeans

"Be my friend, hold me. Wrap me up, unfold me. I am small and needy. Warm me up and breathe me." - Sia

Inspiration. That is why I blog. Just like the title says, this blog is about my life, my favorite store, and my ever evolving fashion. I'm not one dimensional and neither is my blog. I strive to inspire women not only through fashion but through my daily joys and struggles. Yes, I suppose I could go through each post describing where and when I got the items from my outfit. I could go into detail about how I put them on that morning, how they fit, and what they felt like. However, unless there is something specific I want to share about an outfit, I don't see the point in it. I assume my readers can get what they need to know about an outfit from the pictures and the information I provide beneath them. If not, they may ask a specific question in the comments. I like to save the meat of my posts for other topics that are important to me.

I don't have a lot of people I can talk to in real life, so I blog about my thoughts and feelings in hopes that it can help or inspire someone in some small way. In turn, I get help and inspiration from others. I've "met" a lot of wonderful people over these past two years. People who have been there for me when my own family wasn't. People who have lifted me up and helped me get through some hard times. Of course, just like anything in life, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. I've been deeply hurt on many occasions and been left wondering if this blogging thing is really worth it.

Two years, that's how long I've been posting on here. Say what you want, that's a commitment. However, the thought of quitting still seeps into my mind from time to time. It may not seem like it, but I put a lot of heart and soul into this blog and when someone shits all over it, well, it can be discouraging to say the least. None of my posts are random. I spend a great deal of time composing my thoughts and tying the outfit, location, and song into an overall theme. I do a lot of layering in my posts, sometimes overt and sometimes subtle. I love it when people get the subtle ones. I don't fancy myself a great author or model. I'm just putting my true, authentic self out here. Given this, it hurts when someone says my blog sucks. Hell, who am I kidding? It hurts when anyone says something negative about me. I'm not a robot. It's only natural to want acceptance from others. However, I'm realistic and realize not everyone is going to like me. So, I wipe off my tears, pull up my big girl panties, and keep going. If not for myself, for those of you who appreciate it.

Here's to two years of blogging! May the future bring insightful posts, new friends, fabulous outfits, and may I always stay true to myself.

Sia - Breathe Me



  1. Smiling at the big girl panties reference! I'm glad you keep on trucking', lady! Your blog is a bright spot in my day. Things aren't always rainbows and butterflies in life. I really appreciate the honesty in your posts, the fact that you don't ever portray it as picture perfect. The self-confidence is also very inspiring. (Yes, you are self-confident!)

  2. I totally get where you are coming from. There are lots of similarities between your story and my life.

    It is easy to say don't let the haters bother you. It is also easy to say that the negative comments you receive say more about the sender than the recipient. But I totally get the hurt, no one likes to be rejected or judged publicly.

    Congrats on reaching two years of blogging!

  3. Hey listen...I don't know whether it's that you are taking new vitamins or whether ole Jerr is just a Love God or maybe it's the Springtime or whether getting your living situation straight...but the last couple posts you have bee looking especially scrumptious! Hey Jerr, you listening? Keep this woman under sir-veil-ance!! :-) This kinda thing can happen only once in a lifetime.

  4. Congrats girl! I have tag along your journey as a follower and I too, started blogging 2 years or will be in October and I did it for myself to put my thoughts out to no one but myself, but have loved that people have responded by following me. Like you 2 yrs ago I was in a place that I thought couldn't get worse, but couldn't get better??? It has taken me many ups and downs, but like you I am coming out on the other side slowly but surely. Do what makes you happy and if documenting your life at this stage is a reflection of happiness in the future than that is all that matters, the bonus is if you can touch someone else in a positive way. :)

  5. Congratulations on your 2 year bloggy anniversary, Bonnie! I've enjoyed following your journey - both in fashion and in life. Here's to many more years of Small Town Fashionista.

    xo Dajana

  6. I hated the jumper. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I mean, woah!love!it!. The colors are gorgeous and the textures are entertaining from every angle. All the pieces together are so beautiful on you; winner! Oh, I loved the jeans and cute white tee that you did 2 posts back. Not everyone can pull off the ruffly flowers around a neckline, I certainly can't. You, you definitely can. Please keep that t-shirt. It suits you.

  7. Oh, and if you're going to be wearing your big girl panties, make sure you don't post any photos that show their'll certainly catch all new levels of hell for that. (blue jumper, I'm lookin' at you, buddy, I'm totally lookin' at you) :D

  8. Thanks for 2 years of sharing yourself and your life. I'd miss you if you gave it up.
    A Blog Friend

  9. I'm right there with you, Bonnie. For me, and excuse my personal rant here, but I hate it that there are so many snooty people in my hometown that my parents have lived in since the fifties (the town is now country-club central) who trash me and my son because I have a quirky kid--"this is a town for people of quality; you should look elsewhere and take your kid out of our school." And somebody said this with nodding approval from a principal. Excuse me? All because you were visiting the classroom and you chose to boss my kid around and the ineffectual teacher let you and my son said you are not my mom, I don't have to listen to you? Whoa. Rude perhaps on my kid's part, but not worthy of a removal from society. I get this a lot because I haven't dyed my hair blonde or fixed my boobs to triple Ds (you should see the moms at this school--really), and the worst? I WORK and don't hang out at the school harassing other people's kids. People are mean and take it out on others to give themselves confidence that they can't find elsewhere (in a kinder way). To hell with them.

    I see a lot of responses to you on this webpage that are just asinine. Do these people really not have anything better to do? You explained yourself beautifully above--you put a lot of thought into what you post, and you are enjoying what you are doing. Bravo! More power to you.

    Please keep it up. I enjoy the visits here every time.

  10. Congratulations!! Love, love this outfit...Such a pretty dress :)

  11. Congrats in two years! I think you and your blog are awesome. It is because of your honesty that I follow your blog. Keep it up.

  12. I wish I had known about your blog for 2 years :D I have been reading every one I see since I saw them not to long ago. I love to hear you "heart" whether it is mad, sad, or googly eyed in love. I think the people who judge you should try to write a short blog about their day and see how "easy" it is to put all your glory or dirt out their for the world to see.
    I think you are very brave Bonnie. You are brave for bearing your soul. You are brave for standing in the midst of adversity. You are brave for loving someone when it totally disrupts the "norm" of your and your children's life. You are brave for risking criticism. You are brave for having a unique style.
    You also are lovely... for all the same reasons.
    You are beautiful. You are strikingly beautiful. I do have the advantage of knowing you and I know how sweet and kind and caring you are. I have seen you with your children.. I have seen nothing but a loving , doting, devoted mom.
    My wish for you is to continue in this journey if it makes you happy and gives you an outlet.

  13. Move along Brooks. Nothing to see here

  14. I love your blog! I have been following for about a year (came across it as I too am somewhat of an anthro fan) and have been so inspired by your courage and honesty. Your wit and humour are the best! I am often reading and cheering you on! You are awesome and I wish you and your man, all things good for your future together.

  15. Wow, everybody! Thanks for all the love! You have no idea how much I needed this!

  16. I'm one of your supporters so please-please keep blogging or at least post some pics if you have nothing to say that day or week. :)

  17. Wow, Beth, this made me cry. I don't know if I deserve it, but thanks for all the kind words.

    I'm in awe of you. You've been through so many obstacles and challenges since our carefree days in high school, and you have come out the other side a beautiful and strong women.

    You have it all: 4 beautiful children, a loving and handsome husband ;-), a cute house, a shiny new car, a banging body, and you are getting ready to go to the freaking Bahamas for vacation. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. I saw on one of your statuses recently that you are trying to be a better Christian. Girl, you are already there. I'm not a religious person, but I've met my share of so-called Christians in my lifetime and the majority of them are the exact opposite of what that word means, passing judgment and shunning sinners like myself. You have never had anything but kind words to say to me and always greet me with a genuine smile when I see you out and about. You are one of the good ones. Thanks for being my friend.

  18. Oh no! You got no love for the jumper? :-( That's alright, I got enough for the both of us!

    Glad you like the other outfits!

  19. LOL! Brooks, I'm really starting to like you. ;-)

    Oh, and it's ole Jerr the Love God just working his magic.

  20. Wow, Diane. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. "People of quality." What the hell does that mean? They sound more like people of fakery to me. I get where you are coming from. I've never really fit in anywhere, so I deal with stuff like this all the time. Also, my middle child has ADHD. I can handle it when it's directed at me, but when it's directed at my kids, it makes me want to cut a bitch. LOL! I hope it gets better for you and your kid. Thanks for the kind words.

  21. It's been said before.....if you don't like the blog, move on. These people are just too harsh. There are days I don't like the outfits either....sorry, wasn't a fan of the romper. I know I will like lots of the outfits in future posts. Keep on writing what you want to. Always please yourself first. It is a lot of wasted time trying to please others. There are people you will never please....usually relatives. Congratulation on two years posting your blog. I am looking forward to pictures of your new house, and of decorating ideas.

  22. Love that ring!

  23. Bonnie, you seriously have an amazing blog. I love seeing a new post. you have amazing fashion sense and phenomenal photographs, but it's the meat of your posts that keep me hoping to see a new post everyday. You aren't perfect (who is) and you are brave enough to take off your social mask and bare your soul. God bless you!

  24. My son has ADHD too--if I tell people he has it, he's got something "wrong," to be avoided; if I don't, they think he and my husband and I are terrible people, also to be avoided. Anyway, I like reading your posts because you do touch a chord with me and many others. You have my support in what you do.


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