Rainbow Sky

It was a rainy Monday, and I have a sore throat. Not the best of circumstances, but I tried to make the best of it. I wore my Bianka blouse today because it makes me happy. I've worn it with jeans before, but today was my first time wearing it with dress pants. I used a teal belt to cinch in the waist, and I like the way it turned out. I don't think it's possible to make this blouse look bad. It was raining when we first went out to take these pictures, so I had my umbrella, but after a couple of minutes, it stopped, so I put the umbrella down. The sky was incredible! There was even a rainbow! I tried to get my husband to take a picture of it, but he said it wasn't showing up very well. You can see the end of it a little bit in the background of the second picture. I was looking up at it in the eighth picture. The sky itself looked like a rainbow. I'm going to go have some hot chocolate and read a good book. Have a great night!

Rainbow 004

Rainbow 007

Rainbow 002

Rainbow 003

Rainbow 006

Rainbow 010

Rainbow 012

Rainbow 014

Rainbow 018

Rainbow 019

Pants: The Limited Similar here.
Shoes: Mudd
Bracelet: The Limited
Flower Hair Pin: Anthropologie



  1. great outfit! that blouse looks great on you! I'm beginning to think I NEED it!

  2. I so love that blouse! I debated with myself on getting it, I think I should now! The neckline looks beautiful on you!

  3. Again, beautiful photos Bonnie. If i had a dollar for every time i see another blogger wear the bianka blouse, i'd have enough to buy one myself!!
    The colour of the sky in the background is so pretty and the perfect backdrop!

  4. That is one gorgeous print!
    Also, I love that you used an umbrella as a prop!

  5. You're so cute in this outfit and the pictures are so pretty!! I'm a huge fan of all the Bianka motifs...they're all so amazing!!

  6. The sky in those last two pictures, wow! Hope you are feeling better this morning (well it's morning here, it's probabaly still the middle of the night where you are!) and your sore throat is gone :)

  7. I love the Bianca blouse... it's definitely on my Anthro wish list for November (when my budget replenishes again. LOL)

    The settings in your pictures are also so lovely.

  8. thanks for the comment on my pictures Bonnie! i replied to you, but just realized you might not see it. you are right i was rockin' the bianka blouse! i seriously love the last two photos here!

  9. Great hairpin! I know the green version of the Bianca blouse has been getting a lot of blog love, but I think I actually prefer this version. You look lovely!


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