The Packhouse

Well, my sore throat hasn't gotten any better. In fact, I felt so bad I didn't go into work. We got a new bed today! I've been waiting for this for 10 years! I've had the same Full size bed since college. We upgraded to a King, and I love it! Too bad I can't fully enjoy it since I'm feeling so rotten. We had to go out to get a new TV for the bedroom, so we stopped and took some outfit pics. I'm looking pretty rough, but I like my outfit, so I wanted to share with you guys. The location for today's photos is just down the road from my house at one of my dad's old tobacco packhouses. There's alot of these around where I live, just sitting around looking like time has forgotten them. Back in the day, they were used to store cured tobacco until it was taken to market. There is not alot of tobacco around here anymore, so most of these have been abandoned. Today's outfit is very simple and comfortable. I got this tank recently from Aerie. I think it's a really beautiful piece for the price. The front is made out of silk chiffon. My headband is from Urban Outfitters. I've been wanting a pretty embellished headband from Anthro, but couldn't justify the $30 pricetag. I found this one at UO for half the price of the Anthro ones. Well, I going to climb into my new bed and try to get over this cold. Have a great night!

Packhouse 001

Packhouse 003

Packhouse 008

Packhouse 009

Packhouse 014

Packhouse 024

Packhouse 026

Packhouse 028

Packhouse 029

Packhouse 031

Packhouse 037

Oh, and here's a picture of the new bed!

Bedroom 001

Sweater: Old Navy
Necklace: Anthropologie Pessinus Garden Necklace
Ring and Earrings: The Limited



  1. I really love your confident poses. :)

  2. You always have the coolest backdrops!! Very cute tank from Aerie...I've never seen it before! ANd hello...LOVE LOVE LOVE that bedding! It's so pretty! WHere did you get it?? Your new bed is gorgeous too!

  3. You may be feeling yucky but you are so photogenic that you look fantastic!
    Congrats on the new bed. I love spreading out in a king sized bed. Even when someone else is there it's as if you have a whole bed to yourself!

  4. Lyzi: Thanks! I wasn't feeling very confident today, but you're sweet to say so.

    Jenni: Thanks! The bed and the bedding are from Pottery Barn. This particular bedding was very resonably priced, so it's on backorder online. I called around to a few stores and was able to find it.

    Melanie: Aww...thanks! I know, I can't wait to go to sleep tonight. I'll actually have room to spread out! I'm so excited!

  5. sorry you are feeling bad! You look great with your hair up! Love the new bed - I could not live without my king!

  6. Hope you start feeling better soon. And congrats on the new bed -- I still have a twin from Ikea, so I'll be excited once it's finally time to upgrade!

  7. Ooh I'd love a Kingsize bed, we only have space for a double. Enjoy snuggling in it, I'm sure it'll help you feel better in no time!

    Great headband, I need to get myself a new one as I broke the one I wore all the time :(

  8. Nice bed Bonnie! It's got a rustic appeal to it. Your bedroom looks so neat and clean - very ideal!
    That is such a pretty top. I love the embroidered flowers!

  9. Hope you feel better!

    Love the bedroom furniture... I have the same set! Don't you just love Pottery Barn?

  10. I have that same exact bed set from Pottery Barn! :) I've had it for 5+ years. It looks so great with your bedspread!

  11. The new king bed looks wonderful!!! Enjoy! I can't wait to get one :) I am definitely going to UO for a headband like that next time I'm at the mall...I've also been wanting one, but like you, couldn't justify the price tag! Feel better, Bonnie!


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