My dad has a pine tree farm. My husband and I went out there today and took some pictures. This is my "LumberJill" outfit. I got this flannel shirt on sale at Anthropologie last winter. I used to wear flannel all the time during my grunge phase in the 90's. I haven't worn it in a while, but I really like this particular flannel shirt. It has some details that make it look more feminine. I also added some accessories to make it look a little more girly. I can't begin to tell you how peaceful it was out there. There was a nice breeze, and I could hear all sorts of birds chirping. I need to go out there more often.

LumberJill 002

LumberJill 004

LumberJill 007

LumberJill 009

LumberJill 013

LumberJill 018

LumberJill 020

LumberJill 023

LumberJill 024

LumberJill 040

LumberJill 042

Shirt: Anthropologie Odille Flannel Shirt
Jeans: AE Jeggins
Belt: Anthropologie Snake Bite Belt
Necklace: Anthropologie Pessinus Garden Necklace



  1. Oh my goodness you really need to be an anthro model. These photos are ah-mazing!

  2. Beautiful pictures as always Bonnie. I love how the light shines through the trees. Amazing photography, and you are an amazing model!
    You've made the lumberjack look cool again!

  3. Another great jeggings look. Love it! It sounds like the atmosphere while you were taking the pictures was just lovely. And how neat that your father has a pine tree farm!

  4. Oh the breeze, the dappled sunlight, the birds chirping... my idea of a heavenly trail run!

    Love the lunmber Jill look with girly accents. Can you plait your hair yourself? I'm so cack handed I've never been able to plait my own hair!

  5. Bonnie, you look gorgeous as always. What a perfect outfit for a day at the forest(?) I am looking at your awesome Kaden boots! I have the same pair both in Brown and Black! In fact, I wore the black pair over my weekend too!

    It looks great on you with your cute plaid tunic!


  6. Beautiful pictures! It does look like a very peaceful place. I love your "Lumber Jill" outfit! :-)

  7. Karen: I wish! Thanks!

    vintageglammz: Thanks! I'm so proud of my husband. He really has a good eye for photography!

    Jamie: Thanks! I never thought I be wearing "jeggins", but they are so perfect to wear with boots.

    Louise: I do plait my own hair. I never thought I could, but I tried it one time and discovered I actually could. You just have to not expect it to be perfect. I think it looks better a little messed up.

    Jin: Aww, thanks! These are the Grey Kaden's. Although, they look like either black or brown, depending on the light. They are very comfortable!

    Debbie: Thanks! It's like a different world out there. I will definitely be going back there for a photo shoot!


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