Kindred Spirit

I'm feeling much better today. The sore throat is gone, and I'm in the nasty cough stage. I got a couple of new items in the mail from Anthropologie today, and I love them both. So, you'd think I'd be in a good mood, but I've got a severe case of the blah's today. For one, I'm not lovin this weather. It was almost 90 today and extremely humid. I hate weather like this especially in the Fall. Also, I was excited about today's photo shoot because I love this dress, but I ended up not loving any of the photos. I don't know, maybe I'm just sick of myself! LOL! The photos today were taken at my dad's place which used to be my Great Aunt Zulieme's place. She left it to my dad when she died. This was an old storage building where my sister and I found tons of antiques that used to belong to my Aunt Z. My sister is really into antiques, so she took most of the stuff, but I got some cool old books. One of them has Aunt Z's signature in it with the date March 1, 1921 - pretty old stuff! Well, I'm being summoned to dinner. My husband cooked steaks tonight! Hopefully, I'll be in better "spirits" tomorrow! LOL! Have a great night!

Aunt Z 002

Aunt Z 008

Aunt Z 013

Aunt Z 018

Aunt Z 035

Aunt Z 044

Aunt Z 046

Aunt Z 038

Aunt Z 065

Aunt Z 067
Belt: Anthropologie Snake Bite Belt
Necklace: Anthropologie Pessinus Garden Necklace
Ring: The Limited
Hair Pin: The Limited

Aunt Z's old book:
Aunt Z 068



  1. You look so pretty! Love that dress!

  2. Hopefully you feel cheered up tomorrow. Cute pics. That dress is so feminine. :)

  3. I thought that dress was a little boring, but you really pulled it off nicely with those accessories! The shoes and belt and necklace really pull this outfit off... and the dress fits superbly!

  4. Yeah, that belt really makes that dress work!

  5. Chrissy and Ady: Thanks! Yes, this dress definitely needs a belt to make it more interesting. I have several that I can wear with it, and each one gives it a different look.

    modernmom: Thank you! My husband said it really showed off my curves! ;-)

  6. I think your photo shoot turned out great. You reminded me that I've been meaning to try on this dress next time I'm in Anthro!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog!

  7. Va va voom! this dress really highlights your beautiful body Bonnie! I've got this dress too, and i must say, it looks so different on me (errm, not as nice on me!). I will have to debut mine so you can see!

  8. The dress looks beautiful on you! What did you do to remove the attached belt? -Kelly

  9. soooo cute on you!!! :) i have that dress but i'm afraid to remove the belt, how did you do it?!! thanks so much...have a great night :0)

  10. Jamie: Thanks! You really should try it on! It's great!

    vintageglammz: LOL! I'm sure it looks great on you! Can't wait to see it!

    Kelly and Meg: Thanks girls! I didn't remove the attached belt. I just wrapped it around and put the Snakebite belt over it. The Snakebite belt (or any elastic belt) is tight enough that it keeps the ties in place underneath it without adding any bulk. Try it out!

  11. I like it with the grey belt and necklace! Very pretty!

    I'm glad you are starting to feel better. It's super hot here too but it's supposed to cool down this weekend. I'm ready for fall weather!


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