OOTD: The Blue Door

We are getting closer to the weekend! Work is finally calming down a bit, so my stress level is almost back to normal. I'm so ready to just relax this weekend. I have a business trip to D.C. again in 2 weeks, so get ready for lots of reviews coming your way. I'm feeling really blah today. So, forgive me if I don't have much to talk about.

My photographer co-worker told me about this blue door across the street from our office that he thought would be cool for a photo shoot. I've been thinking about what Anthro piece would look good with the blue door. I decided on the Vappu Dress. I thought the yellow in the skirt portion would look great with the blue. Here's how it turned out:
Dress: Anthropologie Vappu Dress
Sweater: Anthropologie Roaming Frills Cardigan
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Bracelet: The Limited
Hair Pin: Anthropologie Pearly Pins



  1. This would totally be somewhere our wedding photographer would take us. It's great! The yellow pops so much against the blue.

  2. Lovely! I really like the pictures with the parts of the brick wall, adds a great contrast.

  3. Amazing photos! What a great outfit.

  4. Love these pics! That blue really makes your outfit POP! Lovely.

  5. That first shot is super Bonnie, you must have such fun coming up with ideas/poses etc. Have a great weekend : )

  6. Cindi: I can see this door out my window at work, and I've never noticed it before. My photographer friend really has a good eye!

    Jess: Thanks! I like the one's with the brick as well.

    JanAlyssa: Thanks! This is one of my favorite dresses! I highly recommend it!

    Sara: I'm so glad you love them! I thought the yellow would really compliment the blue door.

    Louise: It is so much fun! I love coming up with these ideas and seeing them come to fruition!

  7. Cool photo's . . . . love the yellow against the blue door.....however im more fond of the profile pic with the tractor in the back ground in some way shape or form :) profile outfit the bomb baby

  8. What a perfect backdrop for your outfit! You look great :)


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