Mossy Atoms in a Cotton Field

Here are the cotton field pics I promised. My sweet husband walked to the field behind my house with me to take these pictures. There were bugs everywhere, so I was glad to get out of there! I love it when the cotton starts to come out! It reminds me of Fall! I will take some more with the cotton once the leaves fall off.

Skirt: Anthropologie Mossy Atoms Skirt

Tank: Anthropologie Graces Tank

Sweater: J Crew Jackie Cardigan

Belt: Anthropologie Lap Around Belt



  1. These are beautiful pictures! They look even better than the catalog shot. :-)

  2. I'm with Debbie, they are totally better than the catalog shot!

    I love seeing the cotton! That is so cool.

  3. Debbie: Thanks! I liked these so much, I decided to make one my new header! I'm so proud of my husband for taking such great pictures!

    Pamela: Thanks! I can't wait to take some more pictures after the leaves fall off. It will look like a sea of white cotton!

  4. Gorgeous shots again Bonnie, these are fast becoming my favourite thing to look out for as your creativity knows no bounds it would seem. Tres bien, keep up the good work! : )

  5. WOW-WOW - that third photo? Good as or better than any magazine shoot...great light, great angle - you look amazing. Nice job!

  6. Louise: Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying looking at them as much as I am doing them!

    Tracy: Thanks! I love this shot as well. My sister doesn't like it. She says the lighting isn't good, but the lighting is what I like about it. Everything about this photo reminds me of Fall!

  7. I love the recreation of the catalog look with the Graces top with the Mossy Atoms skirt. It looks great on you, and the photographs are beuatiful too :)


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