Sick Day

I have no outfit of the day today. I'm home in my pajamas nursing a sinus headache. :-( So, I'm going to post some miscellaneous reviews from my trip to Anthro a couple of weeks ago. Some of these items are sale items and have been reviewed by many other bloggers, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to see things on yet another body type.

Field Game Cardigan ($60). I really loved this sweater. I tried it in a size medium and it fit great, so it is true to size. It comes in 3 colors: red, navy and grey. My store had all 3 colors in stock, and the grey was my favorite. I would have bought this, but it is so hot here right now, and I'm all about instant gratification, so I decided to wait and see if I can score this on ebay in the fall.

Two-Wheeler Shirtdress ($128). I've always wanted to try this on, but everytime I would go to my store it wouldn't be there. I guess they got a new stock of these in, because there was a whole rack of them this time. I held this dress up in my usual size 8, and it looked huge! I tried a size 4 in this. It fit good everywhere except the arms. It was literally cutting off the circulation in my arms. I have wishlisted this for sale time, but I would need a 6 to accomodate my arms.

It's Your Move Skirt ($50). I really liked this skirt and regret not getting it. I have nothing like this in my closet. I think I might call around and see if I can still find one. I saw it styled in the catalog with the dark grey Torsade Tee. I have that tee, so I think it would make a really cute outfit. This skirt fit true to size.

Rising Vapor Dress ($50). I tried this in my usual size medium and it was way too big. I would need to size down to a small in this, but they didn't have a small at my store, so I guess I'll never know if this dress would work for me or not. It was very easy to put on and comfortable.

This dress was just awful on me! Nuff said!

Nexus Top ($30). I was excited to try on this top because it was so pretty on the hanger and such a great price! Once I got in on, however, it just didn't work on me. I tried a size small, and while it fit good, the ruffles just added too much bulk. This just was not flattering on me.



  1. I hope you feel better, Bonnie!!
    I really love the grey Field Game Cardi on you. I broke down and have a grey on its way to me now...I won't keep both, but I'm not quite sure I'm happy enough with the navy. We'll see!!
    Not to be an enabler, but I also love the It's Your Move Skirt on you. It is such a fun piece and I think you should go for it ;)

  2. I love the Field Game cardi on you and am amazed at your willpower to stay away and leave it at the store!! Had the same experience with the Nexus Top- the ruffles were unfortunately too overwhelming on me.


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