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Belt: Anthropologie

"Who will take you down to up above? Oh, tell me who is the one you love?" - Twin Peaks

Say hello to my little friend...Bernie the Chicken, named after my favorite politician, nay, the ONLY politician I've ever given two shits about. Besides, what else you gonna name a Polish chicken with crazy white head feathers?

Bernie is a White Crested Black Polish Top Hat Chicken. Boy, that's a mouthful, and this little chicken is quite a handful! Most of our chickens run away when you walk up to them, but not Bernie. Bernie walks up to you and prefers to be held. In fact, I had to go get Bernie from the neighbors house two doors down yesterday because she was out just chillin' in the yard with the neighbor. Yep, Bernie is a people person, much like her human counterpart.

Man, it really sucks that Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination. Donald Trump makes me physically ill, and Hillary is a Fakey McFackerson who is just in it for the money like all the rest. Anyway, I didn't really want to get into politics. I just wanted to express how much I'll miss Bernie Sanders, and introduce you guys to our Bernie in hopes of gaining some new readers, because...Everybody loves chicken!



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