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Shoes: Dolce Vida Tremor Wedges
Bracelet: Ruche
Ring: Noralina Freedom Designs via Bonnaroo

"Setting sun, forgot who I was, put the garbage where it doesn't belong. All is numb, two minutes to one. What's your life like with all that you've done...Listen close wherever you go, dull times, let'em seep into your bones. Keep it kind, always in time. Honest themes every once in a while." - Band of Horses

I told you I was serious about this comeback thing. 2 posts in the span of 3 we blogging. So, I have to be honest and say that this was a very contrived outfit. I put a lot of effort into looking like a nice, respectable 39 year old woman. Well, except the tattoo. I couldn't ditch the tattoo. It's pretty much a necessity right now given that I have a tan line on my arm that is in the exact shape of a penis. Yes, folks, the drawbacks of being all cute and wearing temporary tattoos to a music festival - downright weird and fucked up tan lines. I also have a big leaf shape on my chest. Looks like I'm stuck with an arm tat and high neck lines for the foreseeable future.  

Anyway, this is not how I normally dress these days. The heels, especially, are a rarity in my world. I couldn't even walk in these fuckers. They literally felt like torture devices. The front strap on the right one actually broke in the middle of this photo shoot from all the pressure I put on it leaning on that tree. No big deal considering I brought flip flops to change into, and now I have something to add to that bonfire I've been planning with the kids. Heels for Smores - excellent trade.

The point I'm poorly trying to make here is that I wanted to show you people that I could dress like a respectable person and in the style that is expected of my age if I really wanted to do so, but where the hell is the fun in that? So, prepare yourself, good people, for all manner of fashion indiscretions coming your way soon. I've been doing some shopping at some of the teenagery and twenty-something stores lately like American Eagle, Free People and Forever 21. I've been buying items that I've always wanted but have shied away from in the past like leather fanny packs and suede fringe vests. Basically, I'm going through my mid-life crisis and you are invited along for the ride. It'll be fun!



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