Festival Fanny

 Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Shakedown Street Vendor at Bonnaroo
Festival Belt/Fanny Pack: Noralina Freedom Designs at Bonnaroo
Sunglasses: Anthropologie Ett Twa Torill Sunglasses

"Immaculate Creation. Overnight Sensation." - Borns

Pardon the poor quality of these photos. These were some snaps taken in my yard with my Iphone the day after we returned from Bonnaroo. There's even some deodorant stains for your realistic pleasure on that last one. Rather than setup a photo shoot with the good camera in this same outfit, I decided to go with these because I think my positive vibe from the festival really comes across in these pics, and honestly, that positivity is wearing thin after a few weeks back in the real world.

I'm wearing two of my favorite purchases from the festival: a leather festival belt and a patchwork skirt. I've been wanting one of these leather "fanny packs" ever since I saw one on this lady at my daughter's dance studio. I would see this lady every Tuesday night when I went to pick up my daughter. She was there to pick up two little girls in another class. Beyond that, I don't know much about her other than she dressed like an authentic hippie and, let me tell you, that's something you don't ever see in my small Southern town. There's pretty much a uniform worn by everyone in my town. It changes from season to season and year to year, but it's always there. For example, those metallic sandals with the circle between the toes have definitely been the uniform shoe of choice the past few Summers, as has chevrons and anything with a monogram on it. I fucking hate a monogram.

Anyway, I was completely fascinated by this woman. I'm used to feeling like the weirdly dressed one in the room, but this lady made me look like a total hippie poser. I even worked up the courage one night to tell her how much I loved the way she dresses. I think I may have freaked her out a little bit with my fan girliness, so I didn't say anything to her again after that. She usually wore long skirts or long flowy pants in colorful and interesting prints that cascaded down over her well worn leather booties. She had long, gray tousled hair and wore ornate stone rings on every single finger. However, the thing that stood out the most to me was this leather belt with a satchel attached to it that she always wore on her hip. It was totally bad ass, and I instantly wanted one.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and our first night at Bonnaroo...The festival didn't start until the next day but there was a lot of hootin' and hollerin' coming from a certain area of the campground so we followed the noise to a little place known to Bonnaroovians as Shakedown Street. Apparently, Shakedown Street is the location of all the non-licensed vendors and one thing I noticed about all the females working these shops was that they were all wearing the same satchel belts as my lady from the dance studio. My desire for one of these belts instantly grew overnight, so the next day while perusing the shop tents in Centeroo, I found a place that sold them. I ended up purchasing this leaf engraved holster variety with turquoise stone detailing. I prefer to wear it with one satchel on my hip and one at the center of my back rather than holster style. I think it works perfectly with this little patchwork skirt I picked up on Shakedown for $30 and this open tulip back top from Old Navy. Thanks Bonnaroo, for making me look even more like a damn hippie!



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