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Sweater: Anthropologie Sunday Draped Sweater
Top: Anthropologie Chiffon-Trimmed Scoopneck
Necklace: Anthropologie Wind Sway Necklace
Booties: Ruche Salinas Rodeo Booties

"I wanted you...I needed you to make me better." - The Decemberists

Let's talk about trends, shall we? It's interesting to me the ones that I find acceptable and the ones that I don't. I like to fancy myself as somewhat of a trend setter, but I know that's a joke. Is anyone really a trend setter? I mean, the world's been around a long fucking time, and we have access to limitless information. At this point, I don't think any of us have any truly original thoughts or preferences. We are all influenced by something. Besides, like Einstein said, it's all relative.

For instance, around my country hick town, I'm known as a fashionista. Hence, the title of my blog. I have people around here ask me all the time where I purchased something I'm wearing, and when I tell them, they are like, "Who? What?" If it ain't JC Penney's, Belks, or Walmart, you might as well be speaking a foreign language. On the flip side, I'm fully aware if I traipsed my backwoods ass around New York City like I was some kind of fashion expert, they would laugh me right out of town. Hey, I'm not the one wearing a pair of plain black pumps with OMG red bottoms that cost $1000, so who should be laughing at who in this situation? Again, it's all relative.

With that being said, I do have a general rule about trends that I try to follow. If I do ride the trend wave, I do so before it's peaked. Once that baby has peaked, I get the hell out and don't look back. How do you know when it's peaked, you ask? Oh, you'll know. When the Walmart elite are sporting IT during their weekly outing after church on Sunday, it's peaked. When you go out to dinner or to da club, and every girl looks like a damn clone because they are wearing IT, it's peaked. When your stomach turns and you feel like stabbing your eyes out at the mere sight of IT, it's peaked. Two of the biggest peakers on my shit list right now - Motherfucking Chevron and whatever in the hell you call this print:  
If I see one mo rug with this damn print...

Some trends are harder for me to let go of, though. There are two particular ones that I fear are peaking right now: Aztec Print and Tall Boots. Sigh. I'm not ready to quit either one of these yet. As a lover of all things Boho, they hold a special place in my heart. Also, tall boots are just plain warm and comfortable in the Winter, but I probably said that about combat boots in the 90's... I think the Aztec is going to be the easier of the two to give up. I'm already starting to feel little twinges in my stomach when I wear it now. I thought the skirt I'm wearing in this post was Aztec print, but Anthro says it's Fairisle. Hmm...maybe that will help psychologically, and I will be able to get more wear out of it. But the boots, man. The boots are going to be difficult. I recently put up two pairs of my beloved Frye boots for sale, and you would have thought I was selling my first born the way some folks reacted. I'm down to just one pair now, but I'm still wearing the shit out of them even though it makes me sick when I walk into a room and every. single. woman. has on a pair of tall boots. It also makes me sick when people put periods at the end of words in the middle of a sentence like that... 

I know I sound like such a trend snob. Like, I'm somehow better than everybody else because I don't participate in the current craze. It's something I see a lot of "hipsters" do. They feel somehow superior because they have convinced themselves that the things they are into are so original, but in reality, they all look the same too. They are still participating in trends, just different ones. I don't know. I'm not trying to be like that. It's just when I walk into that room and there's a sea of boots, I feel like such a sell out and embarrassed for all of us. But what do I know? I'm a middle class white girl with middle class white girl problems. If you like your Chevron and it makes you happy, don't mind me. I'm just another clone in boots.



  1. Bonnie- I've always felt the same way, I take great pride in being ahead of the curve on most trends. BUT....sometimes something trendy becomes a staple item, and I'm pretty sure tall boots are one of those items. I bought my first pair of tall boots to wear with skinny jeans (another trend turned staple) about nine years ago. At the time, I would get compliments and comments non-stop. Now the jeans/boots combo is like wearing a white button-up or a cute blazer, and I think the key is to buy really great-fitting staples, that are top quality (like Frye.) Anyway, just my two-cents. Don't stop wearing what you love, no matter what the trends are!

  2. love that skirt, Bonnie!

  3. I agree with you about the tall boots although I don't wear them. I had 3 pairs but recently sold 1 on ebay and I'm emotionally attached to the other pair which was my first purchase at Anthropologie in 2008. For some reason I'm not a tall boot person.

    I don't think I'm trendy necessarily, I will wear what I like but if I see that everyone else is wearing the same stuff I just stop and get rid of the item in question.

    There is a local brand where I live that likes to knock off Anthropologie items so it's not uncommon for me to spot Anthro knock offs everywhere.

    Bonnie, how do you manage to let go of stuff you are emotionally attached to like your Frye boots?
    I have quiet of few items that I don't wear anymore but I just can't seem to let them go. Help!


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