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Glasses: Firmoo
Blouse: Anthropologie Honore Buttondown
Jeggings: Hue
Boots: Frye Melissa Button Boots
"Through all the things my eyes have seen the best by far is you." - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
I think I told you guys in a few posts back that I had some free glasses coming my way just for being the awesome blogger that I am. Well, I got 'em, and I love 'em! Oh, and lest you think I'm just another hipster wannabe rocking some totally useless glasses, let me set your ass straight. These babies are prescription. That's right, these are the real deal.
You see, I've been pretty much blind as a bat since 4th grade and have worn glasses on a regular basis a total of 1 year since then. When 5th grade came around, I ditched those bad boys, got me some contacts, and never looked back. Sure, I've always had a pair to wear "around the house," but I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing any of those. In the early years, I had those big, clear Coffee Talk glasses. They went real well with shoulder pads and big hair. In recent years, I've been all about the ones with lenses so small they border on microscopic. It was a miracle! People could hardly tell I was wearing glasses! Problem was, I could hardly tell I was wearing glasses too. The peripheral vision was non-existent in those.
When Firmoo contacted me last month and asked me if I'd like a free pair of glasses, I jumped at the opportunity to finally get a pair of glasses that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I know from experience that rectangular lenses fit my face the best and that brown is the best color with my skin tone, so using the convenient filtering feature that Firmoo has on their website, I was able to narrow down my search to a few contenders. Once I made my choice, I filled in the necessary information at checkout, including my prescription information that I requested from my eye doctor, and submitted my order. Around 2 weeks later, my new glasses arrived in the mail, and I couldn't be happier with them.



  1. Kristin Moore SzalayDecember 19, 2014 at 7:59 PM

    You look cute in glasses! I'm the exact opposite-I used to HATE contacts and would go blind rather than wear them (or glasses I hated). Now I'm all about contacts and have had my current pair of glasses for 5 years. When I wear them out, I WEAR them. I wanted vintage-y, retro, look at me glasses that look like sexy librarian or sexy secretary. At least in my head that's what I think, I'm sure they're no such thing. I just treat them as an accessory.

  2. Great glasses and you look super pretty :) Love your hair.

  3. Dajana FabjanovichFebruary 2, 2015 at 3:26 AM

    Nice specs & lip colour! Hope you're doing well, Bonnie.

  4. Elisabeth KlassenApril 3, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    I love the outfit. The red pants pair well with the black and white patterned blouse. Just lovely.

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