Coming Up For Air

Cardigan: Old Navy
Earrings: Anthropologie
"Tender we fall, quiet and alone, tired and gone. Just speechless. Coming up for air." - The Acid
It's been awhile, hasn't it? Slowly over the past 6 months, I've let the time between posts on this blog get progressively longer. I was posting twice a week, then once a week, and now once a month if I'm lucky. I'm sure I've lost many of the followers I once had, few and far between as they ever were. I'm also aware that some of you who are left think that I should just quit this blogging thing all together. Here's the thing, though: This is not my job.
You see, that's the beauty of being a nobody blogger with no advertisers or sponsors. I don't get any "care of's", so I don't have to give a fuck. I'm free. Free to be myself however fucked up that may be. Free to say "fuck" if I feel like it. Free to go away for awhile when life is kicking my ass and pop back in from time to time.
With that being said, I miss posting more regularly on here, so I'm going to try to get back into the groove of things over the next several weeks. The weather has gotten warmer, and I've felt like venturing out for some photo shoots. I also made another trip to my local Anthropologie store recently, so I've got some more reviews coming your way.
See you soon!     

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  1. I just discovered your blog and I love your style. I love anthropologie too, but don't have one near me. I love looking at their online clothes though.

  2. Yay for more reviews and I like your shoes

  3. One thing that is completely unattractive in an adult person is a potty mouth.

  4. I just wish I could rock maxi look like you do, sigh. I love colors here, goes well with your hair and earrings are perfect touch.

  5. Yes, because nothing is more attractive than a grown ass person that uses the word "potty."

  6. Thanks, Olya! I think everyone can rock a maxi. You just have to find one that works for you or style it in a way that makes it more flattering.
    The top part of this maxi is not very flattering on me and is not work appropriate, so I just put this cropped cardigan over it and made it work! :-)

  7. Thanks, Karen! I'll try to have those reviews out tomorrow.


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