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Dress, Cardigan, and Ring: Old Navy

Shoes: Pierre Dumas

"Dorothy moves to click her ruby shoes right in tune with Dark Side of the Moon." - Guster

Yellow makes me happy. I find myself wearing yellow cardigans or dresses to cheer myself up when I'm down. I'd never really thought about wearing yellow on my feet until I saw these cute sandals on sale at Piperlime last year. I wasn't sure what I would wear them with when I purchased them, but I've been pleasantly suprised with the number of outfits they've complimented. I think they work especially well with today's outfit. They take an otherwise boring outfit and make it a little more interesting.

When I think about colorful shoes I can't help but think about Dorothy's ruby slippers. I used to love watching the Wizard of Oz when I was a kid. When I was in college I heard about how you could take Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and synch it up perfectly to the Wizard of Oz. I immediately went back to my apartment and tried it. It was pretty cool. If you are like me and enjoy pointless ways of entertaining yourself, I highly recommend it.

Well, it's been a long day, and I'm pretty tired. I've got a few Anthro reviews coming up for you guys tomorrow. For now, I'm going to click my yellow shoes together 3 times and repeat, "There's no place like bed...There's no place like bed..."

Guster - Come Downstairs And Say Hello

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  1. Oh wow, the yellow sandals and ring is gorgeous! I am so loving yellow this month ;)


  2. it's even better if you get stoned and watch wizard of oz + dark side of the moon.

    now that's pointless entertainment.

  3. TigerLily: Thanks! I'm loving yellow as well!

    Anon@7: LOL!


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