Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

It's been awhile since my last set of fitting room reviews. I just don't get to the store as much these days, but I was finally able to make a trip a couple of weeks ago. I apologize for the lighting in these pics. There was only one light working in my fitting room which was probably a good thing given how dirty and disgusting the fitting rooms are at my store. I'm pretty sure they never clean back there. Anyway, I did the best I could with what I was working more ways than one. 
Paix Tunic ($98) A tunic with a floral print and ruffles? Yes, please! I fell in love with this adorable top on the hanger. I tried it on in a size 8, which fit perfectly except it was a little longer than the other tunics that I own. In fact, it was bordering on dress territory, but I still think it will look adorable with leggings and boots. Who knows? If I'm feeling a little frisky, I might even wear this with a pair of tights or just sandals in the Spring. The only thing that gave me pause was the price tag. I'm going to try and wait to pick this up on sale, but I have a feeling I'm not going to make it... Wish listed.

 Sirretta Cardigan ($118) and  Laurelwood Boatneck ($58) I can't resist a good, comfortable cardigan, and since I don't own this particular color in my extensive collection, I decided to give it a try. The medium was a good fit. The shorter panels in the front looked a little weird to me, but I loved everything else about this cardigan (hello, it has lace details!) enough to add it to my collection. I even purchased the tee underneath it too since it went so well with the cardigan. It's just a basic striped tee, but I like the pop of yellow and the floral detail at the neckline. I also took this in a size medium, and the only complaint I had was it was a little short for my taste. However, since I have gotten it home, I've paired it with a long cami with lace detail at the bottom and that ended up looking great. Purchased both.

 Marya Dress ($88) The damn lace got me again! I love how this dress combines the casual comfort of a sweatshirt with the elegant beauty of lace. Let's face it, lace can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when worn on top, so I appreciate the thoughtful design of this dress. One draw back is that the cutoff between the knit and the lace is a bit abrupt, but a belt can easily remedy that problem. This is a size medium, and I really wanted to buy it, but I decided to be a good girl and wait a bit longer. Wish listed.

 Gael Dress ($98) I have several dresses like this, but I was curious about the fit of this one. I tried it on in a size medium, and I thought it was the right size for me, but there was just something about the fit that was off. I think the lighter colored panels on the sides were suppose to make me look slimmer, but I felt like they made me look wide - something no girl wants. Pass.

 Icefall Maxi Dress ($278) I fell in love with this beauty the minute I saw it online. However, it's super expensive and with no holiday party to attend this year, I saw no reason to order it. Ordering online has many advantages, but it can't beat the store experience when it comes to trying on things that I have no intentions of buying. I saw this lone dress hanging in my store, and even though it was a size 12, I couldn't resist giving it a go. It was way too big everywhere, but I could see the potential, and it made me want it. I think a size 8 is what I need. Once it goes on sale, I plan on trying to track one down in that size. Dammit, I'll find somewhere to wear it! Wish listed.

Sequin Cutout Dress($49.95 was $188) This is not my usual style, but Jerry convinced me to try it on. I tried it in a size 8 first, but there was too much fabric around the waist line, so I switched it out for the size 6 you see here. The 6 fit like a glove, and even though I don't totally feel like myself in this, I couldn't resist it for the sale price. Our holiday party was delayed for 2013, and I've heard rumors that we might be having an office party in February, so I thought this little red dress would be appropriate for a party during the month of love. Purchased.



  1. Kristin Moore SzalayJanuary 14, 2014 at 8:24 PM

    My favorite post from you are reviews. And your timing is perfect (or terrible) because I was on the website today checking out all the new stuff and filling up a wishlist cart. That green dress is stunning on you. I wish I had some event in my life that would make it a good buy for me, but I doubt grocery store runs and the like would live up to that dress.

  2. That sequin dress looks awesome on it was meant to be yours ;)

  3. Thanks a lot for the reviews! I think the sequin dress is very good on you and I'm glad you got it. Marya dress looks casually cool and I liked it on you, so funny I didn't even noticed it on Anthro's site and it got lots of good reviews so I did wish listed as well. Thanks!

  4. You look so pretty and skinny…you losing weight? If so, please reveal all secrets!!

  5. I think that sequinned dress is unbelievably perfect for you, and I can't believe the price! The colour with your hair and complexion is awesome. Don't get me started on the green dress…goes right along with the 'elf from Lord of the Rings' look I commented on a while ago. Too too gorgeous. Thanks for these reviews, I live vicariously through them, as I can't even get to an Anthro these days.


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