Jacket: Anthropologie Maximum Capacity Jacket
Boots: Anthropologie Buckled Paddock Boots

"Illuminating realization number one: You are the only light there is for yourself my friend." - Gogol Bordello

This is my least favorite time of the year. The holidays are over, it's cold, it still gets dark early, and the landscape is brown and dead. I know it's a new year, and I'm suppose to be motivated by the opportunity for a fresh start and all, but my attitude so far has been more like "same shit, different day." It's just so hard for me to be in a good mood this time of year.

I decided to try and lift my spirits by wearing this colorful dress I picked up on sale about a month ago. It's called the Boheme Maxi Dress, and you would think with the word "Boheme" in the name I would have picked this sucker up as soon as it hit the website. However, I was unsure about purchasing it even on sale because it has a few patches of (gasp) animal print on it. In case you didn't know, I despise animal print. Actually, despise is not strong enough of a word. Zebra, Cheetah, Tiger - it makes no difference, I hate them all equally. I'm not quite sure where my disdain for animal print originated. I just feel like it's really obnoxious and gaudy. Maybe it's because I live in the South, and I'm inundated with it all the time. It's on purses, shoes, wreaths, flags, you name's every-fucking-where! No offense to the animal print lovers out there. This is just my opinion. You guys are definitely in the majority, so don't kick my ass for speaking my mind, mmmkay?

With the support of a friend, I managed to get over my prejudice of animal print enough to give this dress a try, because let's face it, everything else about it screams "me." Once it arrived in the mail, and I tried it on - the deal was sealed. Due to the thin material, this dress is probably better suited for warmer temperatures, but I did my best to winterize it.  I resisted the urge to throw on a long cardigan and opted instead for a structured jacket. I finished the look off with a pair of my favorite booties.

Wearing this dress didn't completely snap me out of my Winter blues, but it did lift my spirits a little bit and that's definitely a step in the right direction. During these dark days, I will continue to try and find things to brighten my world. Each day is getting longer, and soon the light and warmth will return.

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  1. Kristin Moore SzalayJanuary 6, 2014 at 8:44 PM

    I love it! And I love the way you styled it with the jacket. I still don't think the animal print is very noticeable-it's not my favorite print on the dress, but it's abstract enough for me that unless you really really study it, it doesn't scream "cheetah." You look beautiful as always-sending you warm vibes with fire places, marshmallows, and snuggly blankets!

  2. Yay for a new post for the new year! You look fabulous with your hair up in a bun like that...and the dress is amazing. As to the animal print disdain- really? Come on now! You clearly need to find the right animal print. It really can read as a neutral. It's classic and can be very classy if done right.

  3. P.S. I hate this time of year too. Throw in two "snow days" (we have no snow just ridiculously cold temps) right when school is supposed to start and I've completely lost my mojo.

  4. I really like how you winterized this dress. It's hard to get up in the morning when it's still dark out.

  5. Beautiful outfit. Interesting background.

  6. Your hair looks fantastic!! I purchased this dress and sent it back as I found it too much colour and pattern. I love how you have taken the edge of it with the jacket.

  7. Love these photos! Your hair is awesome and you look fantastic :0)
    We seem to purchase alot of the same items from Anthro and I was ready to get this dress too but the animal print is what changed my mind...I'm not a big fan either!! : /
    Now seeing it on you changes my mind again! I might have to track it down ;)
    Hope you are having a wonderful new year!!!

  8. I love the dress! The print is fabulous ( even the leopard part ). I don't like zebra or giraffe but leopard print can be fabulous if used in appropriate small doses. I have a gorgeous velvet leopard print scarf that I sometimes wear. I would never think of wearing a head to toe animal print outfit or more than one accessories at a time. But a tiny pop here and there can be fun. Also, absolutely no neon animal print - that's way too "Jersey Shore". I think your dress is fun and classy :)

  9. Sometimes you just can't help it. It's snowing where I live and I've been a bit depressed lately. I told my husband we need to get the hell out of here within the next 2 years because we are not outdoorsy people, we don't ski and all that. I wear my pjs around 5pm because it's dark and it screams "bed time" to me. I hibernate during the winter (good 7-8 months out of the year) and venture out what is left.
    Anyways, I also don't like animal prints. I like animal forms like that Adelie Blouse with the penguins but I don't like zebras or tigers prints. I also can't stand snake/crocodille texture on accessories.
    Love your outfit!

  10. Great outfit! And you still look as pretty as ever.


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