Winter Bouquet

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Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
Necklace: Tree and Kimball
Ring: Lucky Jeans
"As the winter turned the meadow brown..." - Fleet Foxes
All the leaves have fallen from the trees, and we are now entering that dreaded time of the year called Winter, when the fields are empty, the trees are bare, and the whole world seems dull and brown. As a sufferer of anxiety/depression, I must admit I have a harder time keeping my spirits bright this time of year. I did not start my week off in the best of moods, so I decided to "fake it until I make it" by wearing a bright dress on this day to counteract my bad mood.
I've been trying really hard lately to see the beauty in unconventional things. I have a bad habit of buying into what society deems beautiful instead of going with my own opinions. I think my negative self-image stems a lot from this. I was particularly struggling with this issue at the beginning of the week. Strangely enough, I found some solace in the back drop of these photos.
Jerry and I have been noticing while driving around the past few days that the dried foliage on the sides of the roads is just gorgeous. We can't believe people actually pay for dried flower arrangements when there is so much beauty to be had all around them. In some ways, these dead, brown gatherings of weeds are just as beautiful as lush, green fields of flowers. They are especially stunning when lit up by sunlight, so we went out yet again at that magic time when the sun is setting to try and capture the beauty of this Winter foliage. We missed the sun, but I think we still managed to capture some unconventional beauty in myself and this Winter meadow.
Fleet Foxes - Mykonos




  1. These photographs are absolutely exquisite!


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