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As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a trip to Durham last weekend and, of course, stopped into my favorite store while I was there. I was on a mission to find a dress to wear to my office Christmas party, and, thankfully, I found just the one. However, I couldn't resist trying on some other pieces while I was there. I tried on a lot this time, so I'm going to split this review set into two posts. The first one will focus on dresses.
Goldleaf Cocktail Dress ($258)  This one's been on my wish list for some time now, so I was very happy when I found it hanging in the store. I felt pretty confident this was going to be "the one" for my office Christmas party. Sure enough, it fit like a glove in a size 6. This dress comes with a removable slip. I have several dresses from Anthro like this, and sometimes I have issues with the dress fitting but the slip being too small. I didn't have that problem this time. The material has got some give to it and, in my opinion, looks better fitted, so I would suggest going down a size. The sequins are not itchy at all. In fact, this is the most comfortable "fancy dress" I've ever had on my body. The price tag stings, but I couldn't resist this beauty. Purchased.

Flocked Sable Dress ($168)  I was kinda "scurred" to try on this dress given the fact that it's essentially the same dress I wore for New Year's Eve last year. Yeah, you long time readers probably remember that one. I got crucified in the comments for wearing that dress and ended up selling it shortly thereafter. Anyway, call me a glutton for punishment, but I was curious to see if a darker color would make a difference. Jerry liked it, as he did the dress from New Year's, but I'm afraid this silhouette will forever be tainted for me which I guess is a good thing considering how heinous most people thought I looked in it. This was a size medium. Pass.

Chrysanthemum Tea Dress ($99.95)  I apologize for the terribly blurry pic. I realized after I took this dress off that I had forgotten to take a pic of it, so I threw it back on and snapped a quick photo. I really wanted to love this dress. In fact, when Jerry saw it on the hanger, he stated that he would like it to be noted that he thought this was going to be "the one." Unfortunately, it wasn't. Wrong again, babe. Not even close. The print is divine, but the fit on this one is tricky. It runs extremely small. This is a size 10, and I could barely zip it up. It's very fitted at the rib cage. I might have considered trying on a 12, but the poofiness factor negated all other positives I could find in this dress. I understand it's suppose to be a very retro/50's silhouette, but it was just too darn poofy for my taste. Pass.  

Draped Tieback Dress ($158) with Everjade Necklace ($58) This is another dress I've had my eye on online and couldn't wait to try on in the store. If you know me, you know I love me a green dress. This is a size medium and the fit was fabulous. So flattering to my figure! Of course, I loved the color. I thought it went awesome with my skin and hair. It needed a little something, something to dress it up, so I got the SA to bring me some bling to try. I had in mind a collar necklace, but this one suited the neckline better. The only negative was the material seemed to be wrinkle prone. I seriously considered purchasing this one for my Christmas party because I've never worn color to that party before. I tend to always go for black. After consulting with a couple of SA's and Jerry, I decided to go with the Goldleaf dress over this one. I still love it, though. Wish listed. 

Embroidered Tulip Dress ($89.95)  The beautiful embroidery drew me to this dress, and I thought it might be a option for the Christmas party. Sadly, the fit was just plain weird. I don't know what body type this dress was made for, but it clearly wasn't mine. I had all kinds of extra fabric going on in the back. Also, the neckline was way too low for my comfort. This was a size 8. Pass.

Persian Rose Patchwork Dress ($138)  I love the print on this one and the fit wasn't bad, but I just couldn't get past the damn tassels. They just look plain silly to me. I felt like a couch pillow or something. They really take away from the dress in my opinion. This was a size medium. Pass.

Threaded Trails Swing Dress ($118)  I'm still on the fence about this dress. I love the color and comfort factor, and I think with a belt it could really work on me. The only problem is the chest is so freaking tight. I went up to a large in this one, and honestly, I couldn't tell a difference in the chest from the medium. It's almost ace bandage tight. I feel like I'm on the verge of having uniboob in it. I almost purchased it, because Jerry and the SA's liked it on me, but I changed my mind at the last minute. Pass, for now.



  1. I love what you ultimately ended up with but I must say the silhouette of the Chrysanthemum Tea Dress is AMAZING on you! I've tried that Threaded Trails dress on as well. I thought the same thing- that there wasn't much difference in the boob squish between the medium and a large. I think it has to be made for someone relatively flat chested. That dress was pretty disappointing! Love the fitting room reviews, Bonnie! Thanks for doing these!

  2. The Goldleaf Cocktail dress is gorgeous on you! I love dresses that are a classic shape with a fun, stand out print. You'll have that dress for years!

  3. The Goldleaf dress is magnificent! I saw it in the catalog and I was like "Oooooh!" (My husband thought there was something wrong with me.) You're lucky you have a holiday party to go to! This is one instance where working for yourself sucks.

  4. I love the Goldleaf on you! I also think the tea dress looked great too! I would have never thought about trying that dress on but now I might! I think I'll see if it makes it to second cuts :)

    Love your blog....thanks for always being open and honest.

  5. You made the right choice. The Goldleaf dress is perfect on you! I wish I had somewhere fun to go to have an excuse to get one for myself!


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