Field Foxes

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Jeans: AE Jeggings
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
"Those red ribbon foxes are not so easy caught but the search it never stops." - A Fine Frenzy

Well, I finally got some good photos in a cotton field. Despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of cotton fields in my area this time every year, a set of photos that really captures the beauty of these vast white fields has ever eluded me. Sure, my ex took a few sets of photos back in the day, but we had a pretty shitty camera, so the quality wasn't that great. Then certain events transpired and photo friend turned into photo boyfriend, and I thought, "Now, I'll finally get some good cotton field photos." Yep, I'm finally admitting the real reason I got with Jerry: cotton fields.

Last year was such a blur due to us starting out our life together that we didn't get the time to really plan out a good shoot. We ended up haphazardly taking a set in one of my dad's fields in the middle of the day. Jerry was all paranoid about getting shot by my dad and didn't notice the crazy setting on his camera. All the pictures from that day came out with a weird, sickly green hue. Funny enough, that was probably pretty indicative of the way we felt when we were out there.

Things have calmed down this year, and we're all settled into our new life, so we finally had time to think this thing through. No, not really. The truth is we were on the way to pay a bill in my old neck of the woods, I was wearing my new fox shirt, and I decided that it was time to give the old cotton field another try. My dad isn't growing any cotton this year, so we had to go with plan B: sneak on someone else's land. We found a nice isolated spot right down the road from where I grew up. It was that magical time of day when the sun is setting behind the trees, so the lighting was perfect. Without the threat of imminent death looming, Jerry had all the settings on the camera as they should be, and I finally have a set of cotton field photos to love and cherish for eternity. Now, if I could just get some good cherry tree photos... 

A Fine Frenzy - Red Ribbon Foxes




  1. Girl! You pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I love each one of matter where they are taken! :-)

  2. Your pictures are always pretty!
    I also have this tee and if you haven't washed yours yet I would suggest you to hand wash it.
    Something was telling me not to put it in the washer and i didn't. I hand wash mine in cold water and I could see blue ink going down the drain. I think this top will fade faster if machine washed.

  3. you have pretty hair already, but it looks fantastic in this set!


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