Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews: Tops

Banter Tee - Bicycles ($48)  This tee comes in a variety of prints, but the bicycles were my favorite. They kind of remind me of this old, creepy 60's TV show I'm a fan of called The Prisoner. However, the logo for that show was a Penny Farthing Bicycle and these are more of the common variety. I grabbed a size medium, and the fit was spot on. I love the mint color with my complexion. The only problem I have is I don't know what I would wear with it. I was thinking maybe my Sunday Draped Sweater in the blue colorway, but Jerry didn't think the style of that sweater matched the style of this tee. Do you guys have any suggestions? Unless I can figure out what to wear with this tee, I will have to "be seeing it." Wish listed.  

Nauticus Pocket Top ($48)  This looked like a nice comfy tee to throw on with some jeans on the weekends, and the price wasn't too bad either. Even at the low price point, though, I was underwhelmed by it. This is a medium, and the fit was good, but the floral pocket just seemed a bit disjointed from the rest of the tee. I really wasn't feeling this one. Pass.

 Jalapa Embroidered Top ($68)  I was intrigued by the cutouts at the neckline of this top. Sadly, that ended up being the only positive I could find about it. I tried on a medium and didn't care for the way it fit at all. The lines that cut across the bust were extremely unflattering, not to mention they joined up with the bottom print on the sides, making me look wider than I actually am. I also felt this top should be a few inches longer. This one was wrong for me on so many levels. Pass.

 Notched V-Neck Tee ($68)  I find myself drawn more and more to what I like to call "Pajama Wear" these days. Maybe it's because I'm getting older or maybe it's a reaction to the stressful world we live in. Whatever the reason, I've been buying a lot of soft, comfy knits and most of them have been from the brand "Left of Center." Here's a top from that brand, with it's trademark front seem that delves off, you guessed it, left of center. This is a medium, and I love the fit, feel, and color. The only issue I have with it is the raw, unfinished hem. I don't mind the look of it so much, but I just can't justify paying $68 for something that is literally coming apart. Maybe I can stomach it more once it goes on sale, because I really love everything else about it. Wish listed.

 Puckered Placket Pullover ($48)  This is one of those basic tees with a twist (or, in this case, a pucker) that we've come to expect from the Deletta brand, and as usual, it comes in a plethora of colors. I went with the ivory because unlike the other colors, it incorporates a lovely turquoise-colored thread which adds a nice contrast. I wish I had gotten a closer photo, because the turquoise thread is not showing up in this one. Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it. I tried on a size medium, and I thought it fit nicely. I can see this tee being a great staple in my wardrobe. Wish listed.

Rilievo Embroidery Top ($78)  I've had my eye on this top for some time now. However, I was hoping to try it on in the black motif. Unfortunately, the navy was the only one to be had at my store. This is a size medium, and I liked the fit of it. The knit material is nice and soft, and the lace on the sleeves and the back is not itchy at all. I actually ended up purchasing this top, but I'm thinking about returning it because the navy color just doesn't wow me. The black is sold out online, but perhaps I could track one down in a store.



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