The Pups

 Greta and Nessie (aka Mutt and Jeff)
I can't get over the size difference in their heads.
Exhibit A: Nessie's Big Ole' Floating Head
Exhibit B: Greta's Freakishly Small Head

But what a cute head it is!

 They hit it off right from the start.
 Nessie showing Greta whose boss while she can.
Greta taking a much needed break from the annoying Nessie monster.
She has a really sweet disposition.
We went with the name Greta because Boxers are German and it means "pearl." 
As sweet as she is, she could only take so much abuse from Nessie.
"Oh, it's on, bitch!"

 Showing off her boxing skills.
 "I done told you to leave me alone."
 "Go on, now, git!"
Ouch! It looks worse than it was. Greta didn't have a mark on her, just a lot of slobber.
Nessie wins, for now...
Never a dull moment with these two. 



  1. Greta has a sweet face! Have fun with them :)

  2. The new puppy is so cute!! Both are adorable and I love that they are so different from each other.

  3. Boxers are so ugly that they are cute. congrats and love the name. One of my best friends has a
    boxer nearly 9 years old and she sounds menacing, but is the sweetish dog. I see Mutt & Jeff hot it off :))

  4. Very sweet dogs, but what do you mean by "Greta" meaning Pearl? In German pearl is "Perle"! I am sure you must have had another connection in mind I cannot think of...

  5. Greta \g-re-ta\ as a girl's name is pronounced GREH-tah. It is of German origin. Short form of Margaret (Greek) "pearl". Made famous by actress Greta Garbo.

    Technically it's of Greek origin but is used a lot as a first name for girls in Germany. It just seemed to fit her.

  6. What happened to your old dog? I think her name was Penny (I remember you posting about finding her once after she got lost)?


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