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Top: Gap - Size S
Jacket: AE - Size 8
Pants: Pilcro Cohort Cords - Size 28
Shoes: Fossil - Size 8.5

"You adhere to a set of standards and tastes that appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges." - Say Anything

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone, and saw that the forecast called for temperatures in the 70's. While I appreciated the suddenly warmer temperature, this extreme change in weather left me at a loss as to what to wear. My first inclination was to throw on a dress and my Frye's, but I figured I'd end up getting hot in the boots around midday. Going completely barelegged wasn't exactly an option either since I hadn't done a very thorough job of shaving my legs that morning. The only option that seemed to make since was pants with flats. I grabbed my corduroy Pilcro's from Anthro and my brown leather flats from Fossil, both purchases made around a year ago. Tragically, these items haven't seen much love from me over the past year. To complete the outfit, I decided to keep following this theme and pull a couple of other items I haven't worn in awhile. In fact, I've never worn this green jacket - it still had the tag on it. Once I got everything on, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Hmm...I look very Hipster today."

Maybe all the Hipster blogs I've been reading lately have somehow seeped into my brain, because this outfit is so not something I would usually wear. Seriously, I don't know what got into me. I had to fight the urge to adorn my arm with 20 different bracelets, pull my hair up in a top knot, apply some bright red lip color, and slap on some big, nerdy glasses. Once I went outside, I was thankful I didn't pull my hair up, because the crazy wind would have surely destroyed it. You gotta love March. It always makes for some interesting outdoor photo shoots.

Isn't it funny how the hipsters, who are suppose to be so against conformity, seem to have their own uniform? The truth is, even if we don't want to admit it, we all do. We all dress in the style that speaks to us. Goth, Boho, Preppy, Hipster, and the list goes on. Everyone picks their flavor. Some people are harder to pin down than others. I've yet to pinpoint Jerry's style, but he definitely has one. He likes a lot of earthy colors, jeans, and work boots. It's almost like Grunge, minus the flannel. I definitely gravitate towards the Boho end of the spectrum which is why I always look like Anthropologie threw up on me. Seriously, I just feel at home in Anthro clothes, and they really fit my personality. Like I've said before, I think fitting your clothes to your personality is very important, certainly more important than garment fit, because our personality is the thing that makes us truly unique.

Unfortunately, this outfit didn't fit my personality. I felt like I was wearing a uniform all day. However, it was good to step outside my comfort zone and try something different for a change. I don't think I'll be donning any arm parties, investing in a pair a thick framed glasses, or puckering up with some Nars Heatwave anytime soon, but I may throw in a little something different every once in awhile just to keep things interesting.

Say Anything - Admit It!!!



  1. This outfit suits you! you look so much better than you usually do. keep up the good work!

  2. I read your blog almost every day and I almost never comment but I have to here because this looks great on you. Seriously, you do casual really well.

  3. I totally agree with your hipster perspective. I always want to write those bloggers and tell them how unflattering the nerd glasses are. They look like little kids putting on their Mom's glasses. They're not very original either - since the most popular ones have most of their clothes and accessories gifted o them. That's my 2 cents.

  4. Girl, you need to take a trip to NYC and go to downtown Manhattan to see what a hipster dresses like. Or perhaps a little easier, google it, and you get this.....

    Your outfit is fine but by no means is it a hipster one. I think of it as a comfortable, "plain Jane" "Mom" outfit. But anyhow, I see your point of the post. I generally wear what suits me rather than always following trends or wearing something that doesn't feel "me".

  5. ".....look like Anthropologie threw up on you". This is an great statement. LOVE IT!

  6. I agree with everyone, this outfit looks better than what you mormally wear.

  7. Hi!

    I found your blog yesterday. I really enjoyed reading through your past posts and comments. I think that what you do is great! I really admire how you do what you do with 3 kids, how you keep putting up all these pics (regardless of the negative comments). It must take a pretty big effort and an amount of will to look stylish every day - I often just grab my hoodie when I go to work. You seem to be often in an unhappy mood, but that is not suprise (considering some things that you just cannot help and that working per se sucks), but you also seem to be a sort of person who instead of sitting down and beginning to cry, shakes herself and moves on (and in your case, also puts some nice clothes on and brings a bit glamour in your life). That is a big strength - some people are just give-uppers, but you definitely are not!

    I really like your style as well! I live in Europe and Anthro is not a big thing here (actually - no-one really knows about it since there is only one store in London and one in Edingburgh and they are not very popular because we seem to have a bit different taste around here...) So for me it is really funny how in US you seem to have a sort of hysteria going on with Anthro. Though I don't like the majority of the things that Anthro makes, I agree that some of the their things are very-very pretty! I have ordered ca 5 items from Anthro since I have known about it (I came across it 3 years ago) and it was interesting to see that you actually own the same things (like this white lace skirt) and I really envy you for some things that you have and which were never sold in Europe :D So yeah - I like your style :)

    I also think that you have a very balanced and rational approach to your readers. I quess it is humane to sometimes surrender to provocation and it is OK that you are not nice with them all the time. I could bet on anything that most of the people who read your blog and comment something negative DO NOT LOOK GOOD on Monday morning. Probably many of them don't look good at all. I've been around some pretty beautiful people in my life and one thing is common among all them - they do not go to other people's blogs and tell someone that a dress does not suit them (by the way - this gray knitted dress looked great on you). They just are not concentrated on mistakes because they are pretty themselves and don't have to prove their value by humiliating others (or feel as if they are some sort of know-it-all wisdom givers just because they have opinions...). Only those who have a bit fat around their waist have some inner need to anonymously comment about the fat of others.

    Since I do not know you I can drop the sisterly flatterly. As a total stranger I can give you a sort of objective opinion on your looks. I am not some granny who thinks that all women under 40 look good - I am a bit younger than you (27) and I am what you would describe as a 'career woman' since I don't have children (nor plan to have them any time soon, though one never knows...). As a stranger I can tell you that you are not slim, but you are definitely not fat either - you are perfectly normal when it comes to size. And let me be very clear - you are a very attractive woman! You have very pretty and healthy hair, great posture, great smile, very nice eye-color and uniquely beautiful features. But most importantly - you have something extra, which makes you special and which I cannot really put my finger on to what exactly it is. So there you go - you are beautiful :)

    In conclusion - I hope you have a great day and even better year in front of you! I will keep reading your blog (by the way - the pictures got much better after you met your 'photographer friend' and I also like the settings where you make them!). Continue to make choices that make you happy and try to make money with your blog or some other things that you feel passionate about!


  8. Hey Bonnie! Cute shoes! You look weekend comfortable, casual here.

  9. Mary Pat BarbarieMarch 4, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    This is not a hipster outfit by any definition of the word. This is a mom outfit. You do look nice, though.

  10. Bonnie I think you look so cute! This definitely isn't hipster but more cute mom on the go. It is for sure different from your usual look, I think you just feel too plain perhaps? Thank goodness you didn't wear large hipster glasses, you're way too pretty for that!

  11. Yeah, I'm sure you're right. I know this outfit isn't in the same league as the highfalutin girls up in NYC, but I just thought it had a similar vibe based on some of the hipster blogs I have read. Striped tops paired with fatigue jackets and skinny legged pants seems to be a common theme. I've attached a couple of inspiration pictures below. These girls usually kick things up a notch by mixing in some designer duds and plenty of accessories as well as the top knot, bright red lipstick, and glasses. I am by no means an expert on hipster style. This was just my lame attempt at copying what I have seen with items I already had in my closet. Thanks for setting me straight! I can definitely see the mom vibe of this outfit.

  12. Thanks! Alas, I'm afraid I will be going back to my boho, hippie, Anthro-hoaring ways.

  13. Well, thanks! I didn't really feel plain, just not myself, you know?

  14. Well, I can't take the credit. One of my haterz said it in a comment about me recently. I'm glad it could bring you some joy at my expense! ;-)

  15. Is is bad that I actually like the glasses on some people? LOL! I kinda dig the hipster look on other people. Some of those girls are pretty fierce. I just think it's funny how they are trying so hard to be different from everyone else, but they too have a certain look.

  16. Wow, thanks for this great comment! I'm glad you found me! I appreciate your fair accessment. You're right, I'm just an average girl. I don't think I'm a supermodel, but I don't think I'm this hideous, fat monster a lot of people make me out to be either. Also, I'm not a depressed, unhappy person. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. I choose to write about negative things more often than positive, because negativity inspries me to write more. I hate that I'm like that, and I'm trying to push myself to write more positive things going forward.

    Thanks for seeing past all my flaws and not attempting to change me but join me on this journey. Hope to hear from you some more in the future!

  17. I think the photos you posted are of women who are fashionable or on trend. But the term "hipster" really is a particular style of dress. Generally a hipster dresses sort of grungy. By grungy, I don't mean that they are wearing flannel shirts but they are usually wearing some secondhand clothing..... usually they are wearing a vintage t-shirt. And they are almost always wearing a very cool pair of sneakers. They don't want to appear like they're trying to hard to put together an outfit. It needs to look like they just sort of threw it on without much thought...even though there was definitely thought behind it. Anyhow, no biggie if you didn't dress like a hipster. I realize you were just saying that you were dressing out of your comfort zone and it didn't feel like "you."

  18. Btw, hipsters aren't highfalutin girls. They are generally more 'alternative'. Since they're usually wearing secondhand clothing, they generally don't look like they have money, even though they could have alot.

  19. Thanks for the info! I think I'm familiar with the style you are talking about. Bleubird Vintage sounds like she would fit this category. I guess I was mistaken on what a true Hipster was. My bad!

  20. you get tired of it when you're surrounded by them. I live in Portland, Or, where "the dream of the nineties is alive and all the hot girls wear glasses..." uhhh..

  21. I just googled Bleubird Vintage because I didn't know the blog. Now, you totally nailed it. It's a family of hipsters!! That is exactly how hipsters dress....especially the way the son dresses.

  22. Yeah, I live in Philadelphia and ride a bike, so it's hipster city out here! And it does get tiring, because it's pretty lame that people try so hard to look like they haven't tried at all. But it makes for great people watching!

    But Bonnie, your outfit is cool. And I am wondering about the mom comments...are they only saying that because you are a mom? Maybe because I'm not a mom and am never mistaken for a mom, but I wear cords and striped shirts all the time with my army jacket, so I don't see the mom in this at all. Or if it is mom, it's cool mom.

  23. I work in NYC and this outfit would fit in well and is much more than "plain Jane MOm outfit". Kathy you remind me of my mean mother in law who insults my taste in clothing. I have a feeling you are a 60 something woman (like my MIL) who is just jealous you can't rock an outfit as well as this beautiful woman can. So you throw in some insults to make yourself feel better.


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