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Dress: Old Navy - Size M
Sweater: Lucky Jeans - Size S
Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots - Size 8.5
Earrings: Tree and Kimble

"Frankenstein would want your mind, your lovely head, your lovely head." - Goldfrapp

Believe it or not, next weekend will be a month since I've made a clothing purchase. If you recall (and I know some of you do in dollar detail), I spent my whole February budget at Anthro at the beginning of the month. Well, I haven't made a single purchase since then, nor did I go over my budget for January. So far this year, I have stuck to my budget! I know, it's only 2 months in, but I'm still proud of myself for this minor accomplishment. However, you best believe I will be spending some money on something fun come next weekend! I just don't know if it will be for my body or for the new house. Only time will tell.

Since I haven't had anything new lately, I've had to get creative with my outfits again. Hence, my dip into Hipster (or mom) territory yesterday, and the shirt over the dress experiment the post before that. Well, I decided to Frankenstein up another outfit from my closet and paired a non-cardigan sweater over a dress. I quite liked it. It was certainly comfortable, and since my cold decided to make it's last stand on this day, comfort was more than welcome.

I chose photos from strategic angles from this shoot, because, to be honest, I looked like complete shit in most of them. My cold was still kicking my ass, and I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days. I should have pulled it up to keep from scaring small children, but I simply didn't feel like it. I even thought about not posting these pictures, but in the end, I decided to go for it in the spirit of "keeping it real." Oh well, at least my earrings are purty!

Goldfrapp - Lovely Head



  1. Do you have a photo (maybe on your blog?) of the dress without the sweater over it? It looks cute.

  2. Ask and ye shall receive:


  3. I wish looked as good as you do when I feel like crap and haven't washed my hair in 3 days... some things just aren't fair! ;) I love the outfit and the earrings. And CONGRATS on staying on budget. I have, as well, and it has been HARD! I know from experience that you deserve a pat on the back. You pat my back and I'll pat yours. LOL... have a great week and I hope you feel better. Cheers! Sherry

  4. Love to see you wearing this great dress again. For me this combo works, looks like something I could wear.

  5. I'd totally wear this entire outfit...now to find those boots. On sale. :o)

  6. I love the green polka dotted dress! You look great, Bonnie. (:

  7. Why do you never smile with your teeth?

  8. Thanks, Sherry! It's always so good to hear from you. You make me smile! Congrats on staying on budget too! It is hard! Spring is especially rough for me because I love all the bright colors and lightweight fabrics. I'm planning a trip to Anthro this weekend, so say a little prayer for me that I don't go over budget.

  9. I'm going for a certain look with my blog photos. I'm inspired by Anthro's catalog shoots, so I do my own versions here. It's suppose to look like a moment captured, not a planned photo.

    When I get my picture taken with my kids or other loved ones, I managed to show enough teeth to rival Julia Roberts, mostly because I'm happy to be with my loved ones. I don't like to show teeth just for the sake of showing teeth, you know?

    “You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it's just teeth.”
    ― Chuck Palahniuk

  10. Yay! I'm glad someone else is as crazy as me. I've got some really nasty comments about this oufit, but I deleted those suckers! :-)

  11. Hahahaha...my great-aunt used to take soooo long to snap a picture that our lips would be stuck at the top of our teeth - our teeth would be too dry to let the lip down. So, yeah, I get the "it's just teeth" comment. :o)

  12. Atta girl! To hell with 'em!

  13. GORGEOUS, Bonnie! I actually thought that was the Kennebunk sweater from Anthro! I love that you are mixing it up a bit. Sweaters over dresses is very cool. I love polka dots too. Fabulous styling here!

  14. Seriously? What could possibly be said about this outfit other than it is fabulous! Cute, lacy, loose-knit sweater, polka dot dress and some great boots. Anyone who is giving you any crap about this is just trying to push your buttons. Glad you have found the delete button, Bonnie!

  15. Sure the earring looks okay in that last shot, but it's a shame that it stands in the way of that lovely neck.

  16. beautiful pics, I am an anthropology addict too:-), hughs Anja

  17. You're lucky your hair looks this good three days without washing,mine gets so bad if I let it go that long I try to not let anyone see me then.lol.I normally wash it pretty often,but if I'm not feeling well sometimes I just can't.Washing long hair is a chore!


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