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Dress: Anthropologie Crocheted Clouds Dress - Size S
Sweater: Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardigan - Size M
Belt: Anthropologie Ribbon Path Belt - Size M
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Anthropologie Brass and Band Booties - Size 8.5
Hat: Anthropologie Bonbon Bow Cloche

"We're half awake in a fake empire." - The National

To belt or not to belt, that is the question. Sometimes I think I over do it with the belting. I just love the waist definition a good belt provides. However, in some cases, it can be too much. To be honest, I was on the fence about belting this outfit, but in the end, the belt won out.

One of my co-workers loathes my belting obsession. She doesn't understand why I use belts for a purpose other than what they were designed to do - hold up pants. Of course, she seems to be against anything fake. For example, she also hates fake shutters. I have to say I agree with her on that one. The first thing to go on our new house will be the fake shutters. They are so silly but seem to be the standard around these parts. The worst is when there is a big, wide window with skinny little shutters on each side. There is no way in hell those would cover the window even if they were real. For the love of God, people, at least get fake shutters that are big enough to hypothetically cover the windows! Okay, rant over. Nothing to see here...move along now.

So, is belting over dresses and sweaters just a faux use of an accessory, or is it a full blown fashion faux pas? I say neither. A belt's sole purpose doesn't have to be holding up pants. It's a great way to define your waist, especially if you have an hourglass figure. The important thing is knowing when to hold it and when to fold it. It's a gamble, and it can be tricky. Thus, belting can make cowards of us all. I don't always get it right, but when I do, it takes my outfit and figure to the next level.

P.S. I really love that movie "Shakespeare In Love" and want Jerry to see it, but it is not available on any digital download service. I've looked everywhere. Amazon, Netflix, etc. I do not understand how these instant download services decide what they carry. You would think a movie that old that was nominated for Academy Awards would be available. Nope. I think I'm actually going to have to go out to a video store this weekend and rent a disk. Crazy! Oh, and don't get me started on HBO On Demand. False advertising at it's finest. Total disappointment!

The National - Fake Empire



  1. I'm glad you decided to add a belt to this outfit-- it ties together with the warm tones in your tights and boots. Shakespeare in Love is such a great movie! "It's a mystery!" Fake Empire is one of my favorite songs, too, I love The National. Slow Show is my favorite of theirs though.

    have a great weekend!

    xo Julie

  2. I think the belt looks fantastic! This whole outfit is great -- I just adore the color palette!

  3. I'm not a big fan of the belt over sweater look but I like it here. I like how the reddish brown brings out that hue in the shoes, tights, and your hair. And I agree with your coworker about the fake shutters.

  4. Two thumbs way up - LOVE this outfit! The hat is great. I love the way the tights, belt and boot straps all echo the same colour, very cool. I suffer the belt dilemma...I love the way they look, usually hate the way they feel. So I have about 20, and they hang on the back of my door :o(

  5. What a fun outfit, Bonnie! Love that hat! I like the belt in this outfit. I am with Nesdamycart on the belt thing. I find them super uncomfortable. I'll wear one for a little while but they make me cranky!

  6. Thanks, lady! The hat's my fav too. I feel so retro in it, and I love saying the word "cloche."

    Full disclosure: I only put the belt on for the photo shoot! LMAO! I was feeling and looking very bloated this day and didn't feel like having the damn thing around my waist while sitting at my desk.

  7. Thanks, Julie! I thought so too.

    LOL! "It's a mystery!" That's my favorite line from the movie!

    I love The National! I saw them live once, and they were awesome! Matt Berninger has such a weird stage presence. He paces back and forth a lot. It works for him, though. Slow Show is great. I also love Apartment Story. Hell, that whole album is great! I really like the High Violet album too.

  8. hahaha - see, I don't even know HOW to say 'cloche'. It doesn't get thrown around a lot in my present company (horse and husband). Oh, THANK YOU! I appreciate the confession - sitting down in a belt sometimes makes me cranky! LOL

  9. How cute do you look here? I love this outfit. The belt and the hat are a great touch. My husband shares the same sentiments on belting. He HATES when I wear one on an outfit that does not have belt loops. Unfortunately, the shape of my waist doesn't really allow me to wear one very well, but every now and then I'll attempt it. When I do and I ask what my husband thinks of the outfit, I always have to preface it with, "I know you already hate the belt BUT..." Ha!

    I hope you find Shakespeare in Love for Jerry to watch! It's is a FANTASTIC movie. I wish I could show it to my classes when we read certain plays (I'm finishing up Macbeth right now) because it's such a great insight into Shakespeare's life. That ONE scene ruins it for me though--my school would never approve it for me to show!

    Have a great weekend :)

  10. Bonnie! that cloche is fabulous on you! I love this photo shoot! I'm so jealous you have so many great locations for your photoshoots. Well, it's probably a combination of great locations and a great photographer's discerning eye. :-) I love how all your pictures are in different places! Sheesh! Sort of makes me want to move to your small town. I feel like LA is just all concrete and asphalt sometimes. And mean drivers.

  11. Great, great outfit! I remember passing on the cardigan because I wasn't sure how to make it work with the clothes I already had. What a great way of styling it!

  12. All the pieces of this outfit go together so well. I am a huge fan of the cloche! It's one of the few hats that looks good on me and I love it here. I think belts are a great accessory - they can really tie a whole outfit together and add some interest or a pop of color, or just make it look complete. I have a bunch of belts and I put them to good use! This outfit is great.

    I'm a huge National fan too. I've seen them live a few times. My husband took me to a show for our anniversary a couple of years ago. Slow Show is one of my favorites too :)

  13. Cute hat, coming from someone whose not a hat person :) I think you do belts really well, in this case it really pulls the outfit together. Too funny about the fake shutters, we have them too! But our windows aren't super wide so I guess it doesn't look too bad. Shakespeare in Love, I know I saw that movie listed on one of the move channels not long ago...

  14. Love this entire look on you Bonnie! The cloche suits you very well! Nice pics also, make me think about an old Anthro catalog, sigh...

  15. Does your library have a movie section? I bet you could find Shakespeare in Love there! And most libraries can borrow from other libraries if they need to. Find that movie!
    And this outfit is great. I love all of it, especially the red and the belt and the hat and all of it!

  16. If you were curious, generally, Netflix does not decide which movies it wants to carry for instant download/streaming... they make deals with the studios, who would greatly prefer that you purchase their new release movies rather than streaming them. That's why you rarely see super new releases on Netflix - studios will instead sell them older movies, little-know indie titles, or TV shows that you're not likely to actually purchase on DVD or Bluray. Netflix had a deal with Starz for a while - definitely a mistake on Starz's part - which put some newer movies on Netflix, but that deal ended this Wednesday.

    I had both HBO and Cinemax for a while and found that I was really only watching the On Demand movies, but Cinemax has a much larger library than HBO. HBO On Demand never had anything I wanted to watch, so we cancelled it!

  17. I love this great outfit. It reminds of early 20th century. Belting - do it often and do it well. You do both! I, also, belt everything. I love the way it makes me feel (put together) and look (my waist is the best part of me). xoxo

  18. Definitely one of my favorites - I don't usually comment but I couldn't help not swooning over this outfit. I love the 20s inspired hat with the 20s inspired skirt. Perfect.
    And belts are an hourglass-shaped-lady's best friend. I have a bunch in a rainbow of colors and sizes.


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