Leap Day Blues

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Top: Anthropologie Catalan Tee - Size S
Dress: Anthropologie Sea Drift Dress - Size S
Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots - Size 8.5
Jewelry: The Limited

"The black will be white, and the white will be black, but the blues are still blue." - Belle and Sebastian

I've been battling a bad cold for over a week now, and I have to say it's starting to get me down. I don't even know what to write here. I just want to complain about everything, and I'm sure you guys don't want to hear it. I was feeling so inspired after my last post. I wasn't going to let negativity get me down. I was going to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Yeah, well, the sickness has kicked my ass, and all I can see is negativity.

Things are moving forward with the house, but my excitement has been replaced with thoughts of money that will need to be spent and work that will need to be done. I want to have fun with moving into a new house, but instead I find myself stressing out over it. On the fashion front, I feel completely uninspired. I pretty much hate everything I've put on my body this week. I came up with this weird combo in a mad dash to get ready this morning. It's a shirt over a dress. Not sure if it works, but it was comfortable, and I needed some comfort given my shitty mood.

I know these are first world problems, and I should be thankful for all the things that are right in my life, but some days you just need to feel sorry for yourself. Today is one of those days. Besides, does this day even count? Everyone on Facebook is saying I should use this day to do something "special" because it only comes around once every 4 years. I say, screw that. I'm sick and tired and want to wallow in self-pity. My mood doesn't care what day it is. I'll do something "special" alright. I'll just pretend that this day never happened, because most years it doesn't anyway. I'll give the negativity this one day to take over, but that's it. Tomorrow is another day.

Belle And Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue



  1. You did use today for something special; you got a free day to wallow in self-pity and dwell on negativity AND IT DOESN'T COUNT. It happens once every 4 years, you don't have to feel selfish or bad or like you've failed for letting the negativity get to you, it's your get out of jail free day. Maybe the next time it comes around you'll use the day for something else, or maybe you'll use it for the same thing? Who the hell knows, it's your free day you can use it any way you want. I used mine for something similar today; I wallowed in a self abusing mental smack down, then cried and felt sorry for myself, cried some more, and then beat myself up some more for 'being a horrible person', then I cried some more. I never break down and cry, so today was special that way. Then I got over it. Maybe next time around I'll use it for something else. Who the hell knows. :)

  2. Sorry about your week. But on a positive note, the colors in the photos look great. I love the red and blue. And, the Frida Kahlo look is still going strong. Hope you have a better week soon.

  3. Furtive FashionistaMarch 1, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    You look great- very boho! It looks absolutely gorgeous where you live. Hope the blues pass quickly

  4. Hey Bonnie! Sorry you are in a funk! Happens to the best of us! Try to take the house stuff one project at a time. It isn't so overwhelming if you take it in small pieces like that. Hang in there! Things never look good when you are sick either. Get yourself some Mucinex and a good night of sleep.

    As to the outfit- LOVE it! It looks so easy, boho and comfortable! Love the dress! These pics are gorgeous.

  5. I like this look...but I'm biased towards bo-ho, 'hippie' type stuff - very pretty! As far as doing something because it's Leap Year, I never stress about it - I don't let the calendar boss me around - same reason I hate New Year's Eve. I want to party when I feel like it, dammit! ;o) A good wallow-in-a-funk day can work wonders, I think.

  6. I have been a silent reader for a long time. I have always been on your side. Lately, though, I'm so tired of the drama and negativity on this blog. It's ALWAYS SOMETHING in almost every post. I wish you luck, but this will be my last visit.

  7. "Whatever, whatever, whatever..." I feel kind of shitty lately too. It's allowed you know. You feel what you feel and that's all there is to it. Life would be pretty damned boring if we farted rainbows and lollipops every day with a smile on our faces. I think darkness makes us appreciate the light, when we have it.

    Oh and where did you take these fab pictures? It looks like an old plantation, am I right?

  8. Wonderful color saturation in these photos...and...Bonnie- it's ALL YOUR FAULT that I ended up buying A Novel Tee and the Amrita cardi. ;-) I somehow passed through the stores a few times without knowing they were there and I wouldn't have known if you hadn't featured them in some of your previous posts and showed how gorgeous they were. You're doing a better job of advertising Anthropologie's clothes than their models do. Cheers!


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