Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Sumana Dress ($198). This was the first item in the store that caught my eye. I was skeptical about how flattering this dress would be on me, but once I got it on, I was pleasantly surprised. I tried on a size small, and I loved the fit! The only thing I didn't like about this dress was the bling. It has beads along the bottom of the dress and a few on the sleeves. The beads took the relaxed, boho vibe of this dress into the "trying too hard" territory. Still, I do love everything else about it, and I suppose I could channel my inner Mr. T and learn to live with the bling. I'm still on the fence about this one. Wishlisted.

Winsome Pullover ($58).  It was love at first feel with this top. The color drew me in and then the fabric sealed the deal. This has got to be one of the softest tops I have ever felt. It feels like "buttah" on my skin. Yes, it's a little on the plain side, but the comfort factor takes this top up a notch. I tried on a size medium, and I liked the roomy fit. This top has a really cool, casual vibe that makes me want to wear it all the time. Wishlisted.

Emaline Pullover ($58).  It took me awhile to find the name of this top, because it is in the lounge wear section on Anthro's website. It was not in the lounge wear section of the store, and I have to say I agree with the store's placement. This top deserves to be a full-fledged member of the knit top category, not a lowly pajama top. I tried a size small on at first, but it was a little tight in the bust area, so I decided to go up to a medium. Honestly, there wasn't that much difference, but I did feel like the girls had a little more room to breath in the medium. I was really digging this little top, and the price was right, so I took this one home with me.

Spiraled Shibori Top ($98).  I almost purchased this sweater during the 50% off sale last week, but ultimately decided against it. I was curious as to what I had missed out on, so I took this one back to the dressing room with me. Turns out, I didn't miss out on much. This is a size medium and the fit was okay. The front bottom poofs out a little more than I would like, but it's not terrible. A cami is a must under this sweater as it is very low cut. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. I might consider this one again on sale. Pass for now.

Drafted Gardens Top ($78).  This top was styled on a mannequin under a ivory cropped cardigan. I loved how the bottom detail peeked out from underneath the cardigan. The sweater was way too itchy for me to try on, but I figured it was still worth trying on the top since I already own a couple of cropped cardigans that I think would look good over it. This is a size small, and I thought the fit was good. I really wanted to take this top home with me, but I felt the price was a little too high for a layering piece, even though it does have that beautiful embroidery. I'm going to patiently wait until this one hits sale. Wishlisted. 



  1. I don't know you you could be on the fence about that dress, Bonnie! It looks fantastic on you and seems like it fits into your boho-hippy style. Love it.

  2. Buy it! Totally can't hate! ^^^ ITA

  3. Bonnie, the dress is AMAZING! I think the beading on it is beautiful, not overly "blingy!" Get it!

  4. I LOVE the dress you! It just seems so "you" - I don't know what it is but I you look gorg in it while in the dressing room..... so imagine in a photo! Big hugs! Sherry xoxo


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