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Sweater: The Limited
Tank: Gap
Jeans: AE Jeggings
Earrings: Tree and Kimble

"You're the Northern Wind sending shivers down my spine. You're like fallen leaves in an autumn night." - City and Colour

In a month where we are suppose to reflect on what we are thankful for, I have to say that today I'm thankful for warmer temperatures outside. It was down right cold this past weekend, and I spent a lot of time outdoors. My son had a football game on Saturday and then we came home and planted pansies and tulip bulbs. I was bitching and complaining all day that I was already sick of cold weather. When I finally got indoors, I cranked the heat up and took a long nap. It took the rest of the night to get my body temperature back to normal. Poor Jerry was roasting in the apartment in shorts and a t-shirt.

Despite the warmer temperatures, I've been in a bit of a funk mood-wise. What else is new, right? I've been extremely quiet all week and have kind of kept to myself. I'm having a hard time with a project at work, and I think it's getting me down. Jerry has been really great in cheering me up. He does little things to brighten my day and reduce my stress. I had a box of Lemonheads (one of my fav's) waiting for me on my desk this morning.

There's nothing earth shattering about this outfit. Jerry and I had a chill day, and I wanted to be comfortable, so I put on my favorite comfy sweater, a tank, and some jeans. I am in love with my new shoes, though. I ordered these a few weeks ago from Ruche and finally decided to break them in. I'm also wearing another goodie from my Tree and Kimble purchase. These are the pair of earrings I got for free during the "buy a necklace get a pair of earrings free" promotion.

Fall foliage has been pretty much non-existent this year. I swear last week the trees still had green leaves and now most of them have no leaves at all. I'm blaming that cold northern wind from this weekend for blowing them all away. As far as Fall foliage goes, I think the gingko tree has the best. I love the shape of the gingko leaves and their vibrant yellow color. There are 2 of these trees in my small town that are just gorgeous this time of year, so Jerry and I hopped in the car before dark to try and snap some pictures with them. I was nervous that the leaves were going to be gone already, but there were still quite a few hanging on. I was actually thankful for the one's on the ground. They added a much needed contrast to these pictures. I guess that Northern wind wasn't entirely bad after all.

City and Colour - Northern Wind

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  1. ~*wherethewildflowersgrow*~November 10, 2011 at 12:45 AM

    Super cute pictures and cool boots!! Love your smile in the last picture :)
    Leaves make everything better!!

  2. Nothing special about this outfit?! I think you look fantastic!! I have to say I think this outfit really suits your body type. Love the black cardi on you, and I'm not generally a fan of black on anyone! The new shoes are super cute too!

  3. i agree, you look great! Love those boots!! so cute. I just bought a similar pair in black on piperlime, but I went to click link on yours and boom, sold out! great find.

  4. Thanks Stacey! I literally purchased the last pair on Ruche's website. I think they have that color on other shoes sites, but Ruche had the best price.

  5. Well thanks, lady! It's funny how our best outfits are usually the ones we don't put much effort into.

  6. Thanks! Leaves are pretty awesome. I had fun playing around in them!

  7. Definitely a great outfit - with those long legs, you totally pull off those skinnies and booties - most girls look stumpy with that combo! (and by most girls, I mean me.)

  8. I like the last photo esp where you are smiling!

  9. The last photo is fantastic. Excellent timing on Jerry's part. That smile on your face...gorgeous Bonnie. This is the most beautiful photo of you I have seen to date. This is a photo worthy of a County or State fair exhibit. Not to mention an exceptional blog header.

    Adore the Wedge Booties.


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