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Top: Anthropologie Cape Tee
Skirt: Anthropologie Wooded Hideway Skirt
Necklace: Tree and Kimble

"They're biting at your heels. Country lanes lead to fields. Who was that fox caught in that trap? Laid with hunters map." - Fionn Regan

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago. If I had worn it today, I would have froze to death. Our warm spell is gone, and the cold is back. The shorter days and cold weather get me in the frame of mind to listen to certain albums. Death Cab For Cutie's Plans reminds me of Fall as does the album that includes today's song. Listening to these albums while sipping on a warm beverage makes the cold weather this time of year a little more tolerable.

This got me thinking about what else is great about cold weather. Well, hats, of course! I love a good hat and can't wait to incorporate some in my outfits in the coming weeks. Cardigans are another cold weather favorite of mine. I like to call myself a "cardigan whore." I pretty much throw a cardigan over everything during the colder months. I only have like 5 long sleeved shirts in my closet. I mostly have sleeveless or short sleeved shirts that I wear under my beloved cardigans. Lately, I've been consciously trying to shop for long sleeved shirts to add to my wardrobe. I picked up a couple on sale at Anthro last week. I'm still waiting for them to arrive. Curse your slow shipping, Anthro!

I don't usually like to wear "critters" on my clothes, but I must admit I have a weakness for those of the woodland variety. Owls are my favorite this time of year. Hell, I'm not too proud to admit that I'm a sucker for anything with a bird on it. Today, I'm wearing one of the few critter items I own, the Wooded Hideaway Skirt. According to Have a Cute Day, "put a fox on it" is the new "put a bird on it." After reading that, I thought to myself, "Sweet! I've got a skirt that will make me one of the cool kids!" The rest is history...



  1. Ugh. Sickening. I so nearly bought that skirt on eBay and absolutely kicking myself here - particularly since I have that tee as well! So envious. Bah.

  2. That fox skirt is just too cute!

  3. i love owls. my graduation party was owl themed. they're birds of wisdom.
    those boots look bad ass. owls are bad ass.

  4. The skirt sits halfway up your middle and not at your natural waist, which is one reason why I returned it. Also, it billows out so much at the hips that i just could not do it or keep it.

  5. Actually, this skirt does sit at my natural waist. The natural waist is higher than a lot of the low-rise bottoms we are used to wearing these days. As far as how it billows out at the hips, I rather like the hourglass shape it gives me. That being said, I can understand why you would be turned off by it. It's a retro silhouette and not everyone's cup of tea.

  6. I agree, owls are pretty bad ass! LOL!

  7. Aw, I hate it when that happens! I'm sure another one will pop up on eBay soon.

  8. I love the subtle "cuteness" of the fox skirt! Brilliant!! Also love the colour combination. That steely blue/grey/soft navy kind of colour is gorgeous!

    "It sits halfway up your middle blah, blah, blah..." Why bother commenting if you've got nothing nice to say?! Guest - you're an unwelcome one here!!

  9. tu poses nue ?


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