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"Hypocrite opportunist, don't infect me with your poison. A bully in a china shop when I turn around you stay frozen to the spot. You had the pointless snide remarks of hammerheaded sharks. The pot will call the kettle black." - Radiohead

Even though I don't agree with their practices, I frequent the website GOMI on a daily basis. You know, the whole "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" thing. Although it can be torture for me at times, I find some of the commenters very witty in their observations on the blogging world. For example, one astute commenter compared my romantic relationship to "Pride and Prejudice with fried chicken instead of cucumber sandwiches." I still laugh when I think about that one. Anyway, I was browsing GOMI yesterday when I ran across this post. For a moment there, I thought I had clicked onto another website. This couldn't be the GOMI we all know and love. The GOMI who rips fashion bloggers to shreds. I checked my URL to make sure. Yep, I was still on GOMI. The comments were, dare I say it, on the cupcakes and rainbows end of the spectrum. There was positive comment after positive comment about this one particular blogger. It was a frenzy of sugary sweetness.

I couldn't take all the positivity, so I clicked on another post where they were ripping a poor girl to shreds over her outfit. Buried in the hundreds of degrading comments was what I took as a innocent joke. It was something to the effect that this girl wouldn't have to worry about getting raped looking like that. I mean, I don't think it was appropriate, but I don't think 90% of the comments on GOMI are appropriate. This comment was not half as bad as some of the things I've read on there. Well, some of the "ladies" became outraged over this joke. We're talking about "ladies" who support a site where saying you want to punch a blogger in the face and calling bloggers derogatory names are commonplace. This is what they deem inappropriate? A rape joke? Oh, and let's not forget adultery. They are very offended by adultery as well.

Anyway, since GOMI loves to share its observations on us bloggers, I thought it was only fair to share my observations on it. No hard feelings girls! It's all in good fun! Beside, I'm a ugly, transgender, fat, adulterous whore who needs a nose job. What do I know?

P.S. I've caught several grammar errors in GOMI posts lately. Tisk Tisk.

Radiohead - A Punchup at a Wedding. (No no no no no no no no.)

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  1. Great post, Bonnie. The GOMI-ers are laughably inconsistent and hypocritical with their outrage and their nastiness. There are a lot of troubled, effed-up women on that site.

  2. looking stunning as usual Bonnie, good to see your sense of humour is coming back fast and furiously. You go girl :)

  3. Hmmm. Interesting what is loved over there and what isn't. It's a little obvious, I'd say.

    Rape is no joke though. That was a pretty bad comment that person made. In much worse taste than some of the other stuff that is said over there.

    And who the heck said you need a nose job? That's awful and again untrue. Hope you are taking all that with a grain of salt (and realizing where it is coming from-- reference my mistress comment earlier). Women can be so awful.

  4. Lol, observe all day! I enjoy reading people's reactions and observations, but as a GOMI reader this is what we go- observe, discuss. <3 it!

    As for the rape comment, I have to say it really was out of line. I can't stand people that use rape as a joke, but then again it's a little personal for me. Rape is not funny, it's a terrible thing. The reason why it was so out of context is that the joke associates getting raped with being attractive, and they have nothing to do with one another. Rape is about power and abusing others, not about taking sex from a pretty woman. Making fun of people and joking around about them can be okay when in context and with reason, but we don't need to perpetuate ignorace, racism, sexism, bigotry, etc etc etc. Joking about 'punching' someone because of your frustration with them is nothing compared to that.

  5. You sound angry that another blogger received positive attention on GOMI, and that you were perceived as, according to you, "ugly, transgender, fat, adulterous whore who needs a nose job."

    Why does it matter to you what GOMI and its readers think of you?

    It seems like you're making a connection between the outrage of readers over the rape joke, and how unfairly you feel like you were treated on GOMI. It's hard to feel sympathetic for you, when you're choosing to go over there, almost as though you're looking for negative comments about yourself. It seems like you're trying to get GOMI's attention (and a spike in readership?).

    I wish you could have pointed out some of the things on GOMI that are "not half as bad" as the rape joke. Because right now, it reads like you're saying you don't care that victims of sexual abuse, or their advocates, are really offended by rape jokes, because people said bad things about you there, so really, anything goes.

    It's just depressing to read that someone who upended her life to follow her own happiness is stalking negative attention so obsessively.

  6. You have to be doing this just for attention now. Please reread what you wrote. YES THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH RAPE JOKES AND ADULTERY. How anyone wouldn't understand this is completely beyond me.

  7. I'm not a GOMIer, but rape jokes definitely cross the line.

  8. I agree with you. Some of the comments are not appropriate at all. I guess they have nothing to do but to trash other people, that is so sad

  9. "Women can be so awful" - Yeah women that steal other people's husbands are truly awful.

  10. Rape isn't funny ever and comments such as the one you are referring to do nothing but reinforce the idea that a woman is somehow responsible for being raped. There is a notion that wearing short skirts, or tight shirts and like means you are "asking for it" and deserve whatever injustice you suffer. A "joke" like the one on GOMI perpetuates a culture that blames women for the sexual violence they sustain at the hands of others. Frankly it wasn't even a clever comment and so, so far away from being funny.

  11. Way to turn it around.

  12. Hey Bonnie,
    I love that cardi, I have it too and I hardly wear it becoz I dont want anything to happen to it... lol, well some people wear their fav. things more and I wear them less. Well I know i have a problem but that's not why I am writing. I want to know how you make that perfect bun. I am really bad at it and mine ends up looking like a fat small pancake sometimes even a hanging pancake :(
    would love to know how you do it. Thanks


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