Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Cuernavaca Maxi ($158).

I loved the color combination of teal and yellow on this one. I also loved the belt Anthro so conveniently hung on the same hanger as this dress. For a brief moment there I thought the belt came with the dress. Silly me. This is Anthro we're talking about. Belt sold separately. Anyway, I tried on a size 6, and it fit great. This dress didn't blow me away, but the more I look at this picture the more it grows on me. Wishlisted for sale.


Shapeshifter Maxi ($158).
Well, hello lover! I've been interested in trying this one on since I spied it on the website. I almost didn't see it in the store since they had it hidden in the lounge section. Thankfully, some wise person styled one of the mannequins in the front window in this dress. I promptly inquired as to the whereabouts of said dress. Once I got it on, it was everything I dreamed it would be. Besides, how can you go wrong with a dress named after supernatural beings on True Blood? The pattern on this dress really makes a statement, and the size small fit great. I absolutely love it! The only problem I found with it is that it's extremely long. Apparently this shapeshifter's a giant. Unless you are 6 feet tall, this one will definitely need a trip to the tailor. I purchased this lovely dress. Looks like it's Cherrios again for me (just joking).

No Name Dress ($158). This one was brand new to the store, and I can't find it on the website. The pattern on this dress called to me from across the room. I made a beeline for it. I wasn't sure how the cross front was going to work on my chest, but what do you know? It fit pretty darn good. I do worry that it might gap open when I sit down. I should have done a sit test but didn't think about it at the time. The material feels like linen. I'm really, really digging this dress. I want it bad. Wishlisted for when I win the lottery or decide to break my budget again.



  1. hee hee...hello, lover - I love that line. My cousin and I croon it, whenever we see shoes w-a-a-y out of our price range. I LOVE the shapeshifter maxi on you...gorgeous.

  2. Love the pattern of the shapeshifter maxi - looks great on you. Thanks for sharing that the no name dress is more like linen than like jersey - I'll hope to see it online soon!

  3. I have the Shapeshifter in that colorway and bought the no name dress last week(couldn't help it!) the print too!! :-)
    Both look great on you!

  4. I'm listing after the shapeshifter maxi as well! The dress is wonderful and now I can't figure out why I didn't pull the trigger when I tried it on...I'll be going back to the store soon for this one! And every single dress looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Great reviews! I like the no name dress the best on you:)

  6. I love all of the dresses on you... as usual! I think Cheerios are a nutritionally complete food... :)


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