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Dress: Anthropologie Pezza Dress

Sweater: Ruche

Shoes: Anthropologie Leather Begonia Sandals

"I've crossed the last line from where I can't return where every step I took in faith betrayed me and led me from my home." - Sarah McLachlan

Today was a bitter sweet day. I signed my separation papers. As I sat in the lawyer's office reading through the paperwork, I was feeling mixed emotions: sadness for the life I'm leaving behind but happiness for my present one. It's so surreal to change one's entire life around, but I don't have any regrets. Every step I've made in my life has led me to this point, and I feel good about the direction in which I'm headed.

I've learned that life is a journey. Every thing we do and every decision we make is a step in that journey. We should never regret where we've been, even if we went the wrong way or got lost for awhile. Every step has made us into who we are now. Also, we should never be afraid to change direction if we don't like the way we are going. It's our life and we have the right to choose the final destination.

Regardless of all the comments and opinions that have been posted here lately, the simple fact of the matter is this: I'm just a girl trying to navigate my way through this life one step at a time. Signing the papers today was symbolic of leaving my old life behind and surrendering to my new life. This is the first step in a new direction. I'm looking forward to the next leg in my journey.

Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender

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  1. Must have been a tough one. You've expressed this well (writing is better and no random dictionary quotes...bonus!). Love the last picture of you! The other ones...laying on the steps and hiking up the dress...not so much. Don't try so hard! You don't need to.

    Love the cardi!

  2. I'm sure that today was extremely tough for you, but I'm very happy that you're moving forward in a positive direction. There is no reason why anyone should have to stay in a situation in which they are unhappy. Life is too damn short and I can't believe how judgmental people are! Acting like they're all perfect or something. It's insane!

    I truly wish you well as you move through this transition. It's nice to see you looking happy and you look so beautiful!

  3. good luck on your journey, bonnie. i wish you the best.

    i enjoy reading your stories, i can relate to them on differing levels, but always i feel inspired by your attitude to move on, be strong, and not be afraid of change.

  4. I think "sadness" characterizes it all. I haven't been through separation myself (thankfully), but I have a lot of close friends who have. I feel to express sorrow for the turn of events, but, at the same time, I know this is a new opportunity for you, and it sounds like your facing it head on; good deal! I admire your candor and wish you well in your new direction.

  5. I agree with Chrissy wholeheartedly! Good luck in your new direction Bonnie, you deserve to be happy...

  6. Good luck Bonnie, I wish you nothing but the best on your new journey. Keep your head held high! You are a beautiful young woman that deserves to be happy. Hope you have finally found that happiness.

    PS - I would love to see where you live, the scenery where all your pics are taken is absolutely beautiful!

  7. Have you ever considered writing a book? I love your honesty and courage as you navigate youway through life. I love your blog and look forward to seeing a new post. Plus the fashion is great too.


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