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Top: Anthropologie Doolittle Blouse

Pants: Pilcro High-Waisted Flares

Shoes: Daniblack

Ring: The Limited

"We didn't care, we never did what we were told. They couldn't break us. They could never turn us cold." - Lissie

My blog has been described by some as "crazy town" and a "train wreck." I guess this should bother me, but it doesn't. If fact, I take it as a compliment. We could use a little more crazy in this world. Our society is full of people who don't question things, who take the path of least resistance, and who have become numb to life. They don't think for themselves. They look to others to learn how to think, feel, and act. I should know. I was one of those people.

I guess most people don't want to read about real life. They want the fantasy in order to escape from reality. The types of movies and books I've always enjoyed have never been popular. I don't like happy endings. I like the unexpected endings where everything falls apart. I've always been different from the majority of people, but I suppressed it in order to fit in. I've learned over the past couple of months that it's okay to be yourself even if "yourself" is a little crazy. Besides, what is crazy anyway other than behaving in a way different than what society deems "normal." I've been "normal", and it wasn't very fun. People may talk and call you all sorts of nasty names, but they're just words. They can only hurt you if you let them. I used to get really upset if someone said something bad about me. Now, it bothers me a little, but I move on. I'm not going to let other people ruin my happiness.

The truth is my life is a train wreck right now, but there is beauty in the chaos. We are all taught to see chaos as a negative thing, but I disagree. It's okay to lose control for a little while and go a little cuckoo. Sometimes we have to break everything to build something better.

Lissie - Cuckoo

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  1. Couldn't agree more! Also, love the ring with the blouse, great combo

  2. All those terrible women taking the path of least resistance by not abandoning their husband and kids for another man. If only we were all brave enough to act with utter selfishness and narcissism. If you actually believe you (bravely) made the right decision, then why the need to endlessly justify your decision? Your poor children. Get a grip lady.

  3. Carolyn: Thanks!

    Anon@ 3:31: Why the need to keep reading my blog and leaving anonymous comments? Get a life lady!

  4. This is not my business but since you put your personal life out there for the world to read, I'll throw in my two cents. It's not okay to go 'cuckoo' and lose control once you have kids. Children need stability and security, period.

  5. Anon@4:08: I didn't literally mean go cuckoo and lose control. Cuckoo was a metaphor I was using to describe breaking away from society's norms. Just because I left my husband doesn't mean my kids don't have stability and security. They do. Period.

  6. I'm thinking Anonymous knows Bonnie and is upset about what she did. That is the only explanation for these daily hateful posts from obviously the same person (same angry tone and writing style).

    My thought is that the comments from this person shouldn't be approved any more. It is just inappropriate at this point and not really the forum.

  7. Nope - this was only my second comment. I'm afraid I'm just a casual reader who finally got too revolted, something I suspect you will find becoming increasingly common. I would hope that those who know this blogger and her family will surround her children with love, as they will certainly need to weather this storm. Rest assured this is my final comment, as I will bid this blog adieu! Simply too gross and sad.

  8. I don't think you speak the truth anonymous - I highly doubt you are a casual reader. People who read fashion blogs aren't that invested.

  9. I am the anonymous 4:08 and I do not know the blogger. I agree w/ everything that Anon 7:49 wrote, except I will continue to read the blog. I think Bonnie has beautiful clothes and great taste.

  10. Ok, this is getting really old and boring. Yes, Bonnie left her husband, whatever. It's not like we live in Puritan times, lol.

    Bonnie, can't you write about anything else besides "finding yourself" and "breaking away" just to incite riot or whatever it is that you're going for lately? Yawn.

  11. I love coming here for my daily dose of crazy. keep it coming, girl!

  12. Anon 6:02
    Bonnie writes about what she wants to write about. This is her blog. Remember?
    If it annoys you, bores you, or puts you to sleep- how about spending your valuable time reading blogs that are more interesting to you?? Bonnie does not need you telling her what to write about.
    Why CHOOSE to visit this blog and then complain about it???

  13. Bonnie - I'm a little late on this post. Actually, reading your new post made me think I needed to go back and post on this old post. I read your blog because I find it generally interesting. You being real is the most interesting part. Having said that, I didn't personally judge you, I just liked reading your thoughts everyday that you so generally share each post. ...similar to my interest in reading celebrity gossip magazines.

    I don't personally know you so I didn't really feel like sharing my opinions about your personal life were for me to talk about (isn't that what mom's are for?! :P).

    Anywho, divorce and everything aside, there is one thing bothering me (since we are getting so personal today!). ....and it's the boyfriend. In my own humble opinion, you need to figure out yourself as a WHOLE person before you can be with someone else. This is a sacrifice you need to make not only for just yourself but also because you have children. Let's face it, your a mess, and we still love you for it, but your not ready to move forward right now with another man (as wonderful as we may be). I just went through this same thing with a friend of mine. He filed for divorce, found some hot chick, got their kids involved, and when the divorce got finalized (year or so later) they broke up. And now there is even more hurt and the kids don't need to be involved with that.

    Let one wound heal before you go to "battle" again.

    That's all. I still think your awesome and I still want to read your blog, but I just wanted to get that off my chest because I think it would help you.


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