"Lend me your wings and teach me how to fly. Show me when it rains, the place you go to hide." - Emiliana Torrini

Today was a better day. I was still a little anxious this morning, but it has since subsided. As I type this, I'm so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open. I guess all that anxiety wore me out. The weather is probably not helping much either. It's been drizzly and cold all day. Sometimes I wish I could just get away from everything for a little while. Lately, life has been so stressful and people have been very disappointing. A change of scenery would be nice. I envy how birds can just fly away and explore new places.

I'm back to indoor photos today. It was already dark when I got home. I wish there had been some light, because there was this eerie, misty fog everywhere. It would have made for a cool photo shoot. Once again, I'm remixing some items from my closet. I'm wearing the Acting Out Skirt with an Odille blouse(can't remember the name), J Crew cardigan, and my Raines heels. The most special thing about this outfit is my belt. It has the cutest little bird closures on it. You all know I'm a sucker for anything with birds on it.

Did you guys get anything at the sale today? I couldn't resist and had to check out what was on sale. Two items on my wishlist went on sale, the Hellebore Sweater Skirt and the Flowing Cables Sweater Skirt. I sweet talked my husband, and he said I could order the skirts. I had to track them down in my size. I found a Hellebore in D.C., and it is suppose to be on its way to me tomorrow! I tried to call my store and a store in Charlotte to get the Flowing Cables Skirt, but my store had a busy signal, and no one would answer at the Charlotte store. So frustrating! I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

The song of the day is "Birds" by Emiliana Torrini. This is such a pretty song. I like to listen to this song when I'm stressed out. It instantly relaxes me and puts me in a better mood. Such beautiful imagery. Reminds of that place I'd like to go to get away.

Birds 078

Birds 086

Birds 023

Birds 070

Birds 052

Birds 094

Birds 101

Skirt: Anthropologie Acting Out Skirt

Blouse: Anthropologie Odille Blouse

Sweater: J Crew Jackie Cardigan

Shoes: Anthropologie Raines Heels

Belt: Urban Outfitters



  1. The skirt and the belt are adorable!! You look so cute! I am glad you hot the cables skirt...I want it to. Sweet talking is not yet working! ;)

  2. Hi Bonnie

    Your husband is so sweet:))

    I read in my local newspaper about the cold weather in North Carolina. Yes the cold and snow can be pretty depressing and troublesome. I don't have snow here in my country, but after staying in DC years ago during winter, and after my recent swiss trip, I know how it feels. Why don't you plan a holiday in some countries in the tropics (like mine! LOL!)? You'll get sunshine all year round, with high humidity till your hair frizzles, and can only wear tanks and shorts and flip flops to beat the heat!!

    Jokes aside, glad you feel much controlled and in better mood. Keep it up!

  3. Bonnie I really like this, you look super smart and the belt is great with the bird detail.

    Hopefully by the time you get up and see this you'll have had a decent nights sleep. Chin up as we say, I hope you start to feel better soon x

  4. I absolutely love that belt!!! The whole outfit is adorable!

  5. Sherry: LOL! I think the only reason sweet talking worked for me is I got some sympathy for the rough time I've been having lately. Hey, whatever works!

    miin: He has his moments! LOL! I wish I had the money to get away. Maybe if I stopped buying all these clothes...

    Louise: Thanks! I did have a good nights sleep, and I'm feeling much better today.

    Elise: Thanks! I love this belt too. I don't wear it as much as I should.

  6. That belt is gorgeous!! your outfit today looks very professional, and the belt adds just the perfect touch of personality to the ensemble. :)

  7. I love this look on you! Very streamlined and perfect with the ruffles peeking out. :)

  8. I tried those heels on for the first time this past weekend and they were SO comfortable! I almost gave in and got them, but I just couldn't knowing that just a few weeks ago they were $20 cheaper :/

  9. that belt! i don't know how i have lived this long without it! and it looks so great on you! your legs look so good in those shoes! does that sound weird?

  10. Ady: Thanks! You're right. This is like "Quirky Professional." LOL!

    Loraine: Thank you! I always love some ruffles peeking out!

    Sara: Yeah, I got them during the sale. They kept taunting me, so I finally caved. I'm glad I did. I've already worn them several times, and you're right they are SO comfortable!

    heidiluxe: LOL! Sounds like you're giving me a compliment, so that's the kind of weird I like. Thanks!


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