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Top: Anthropologie Rippled Ridge Henley

Skirt: Old Navy Pleated Tie-Belt Skirts

Shoes: Anthropologie Leather Begonia Sandals

Necklace: The Limited

"I'm grown like the quickening hues.
I'm telling darkness from lines on you." - Bon Iver

Redshift is the red hue caused when an object is moving away from the observer. Astronomers are able to prove that the universe is expanding because most of the celestial bodies in the universe emit this red light. If our universe is always expanding and changing then why shouldn't we?

My photographer told me that these photos contained alot of redshift before he edited them. I remembered learning about redshift at a planitarium many years ago, so I decided to Google it and the explanation seemed so fitting for what has been happening in my life lately. Over these last few months, my universe has been expanding. I've felt emotions I've never felt before, been to places I've never been, and done things I didn't think I could do. I've grown as a person. I believe this is what life is all about. I wasn't living before, just existing.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they stop growing as a person and become stagnant. They are rooted in frozen ground. Then, for the lucky ones, something happens or someone comes into their lives, and they are thawed out and begin to grow again. This is what happened to me. I'm glad I got my redshift back.

Bon Iver - Wash. by Fluid Radio



  1. I know that you are going through some challenging times, but your post are always so inspiring that I look forward to them, and you always bring a little peace into my day. So I must say, thank you!


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