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Top: Anthropologie Lace Tracings Tee

Skirt: Anthropologie Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt

Shoes: Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic Sandals

"The more you look the less you see,
So close your eyes and start to breathe,
Oh you said yourself, this wasn’t easy." - Imogen Heap

Our lives are our canvas and the brushstrokes the actions we choose to take. We live our lives each brushstroke at a time not really knowing where we are going. Sometimes the strokes come easy and other times they don't come at all. We may discover that our painting is not turning out the way we envisioned, so we start again. There are times, especially when starting over, that it can be hard to see which direction to go in. Self-doubt, exhaustion, and stress set in. We may feel like giving up, but we can't. We most go on, because it is worth all the adversity to create something truly beautiful.

Imogen Heap - Canvas

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  1. You look beautiful today! I just love your outfit and the flowers you are holding are gorgeous! That skirt is FANTASTIC!!! Now I want it.... :) I always want cute clothes..... Cheers! xoxo

  2. I really wish that I bought this's great! Beautiful pictures usual.

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    I just posted my OOTD with the same skirt earlier today!! you btw is rocking this skirt. I love the whole look!

    Stay strong.

  4. You look great, Bonnie! I love the flowers and the setting. That door and the way it is weathered are very beautiful.


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