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Dress: Anthropologie Lucerna Dress

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Earrings: The Limited

Necklace: Gift from Tracy

"We'll live in slow-motion and be free with doors unlocked and open." - Death Cab For Cutie

It's been a busy week at work. I feel like I spend my life rotting away in my desk chair. I have a trip planned to D.C. next weekend to see Death Cab For Cutie. While I'm there I'm going to check out the sites for the first time. I'm really excited about getting away, slowing down, and enjoying life for a couple of days. I'm a free spirit by nature and a desk job does not suit me. It pays the bills, though, and there could be worse jobs. I long for a more free existence. Sometimes I fantisize about living on a hippie commune. I don't think that will work out, though. My husband probably wouldn't be too thrilled about the kids having their week with mom around a bunch of naked free spirits. LOL!

Speaking of hippies, I received a gift all the way from Canada from a reader who shares my love for all things hippy. In fact, she has a wonderful blog of her own called "The Pursuit of Hippyness." Her name is Tracy, and she is a fantastic blog writer who puts me to shame. Tracy emailed me a few months back, and we instantly hit it off. We've kept in regular contact since then, discussing life and of course, Anthropologie. She was a great help to me as I went through my separation. The first bit of mail I got at my new apartment was a package from her. In it was a beautiful necklace that she said reminded her of me. She also wrote me some lovely words of encouragement. I cried when I read them. Her kindness and generousity touched my heart. Even though we only know each other through blogs and emails, Tracy knows me better than my family. For the necklace she sent me has a bird on it, and I can't think of a better symbol for the free spirit than a bird.

Death Cab for Cutie - Doors Unlocked and Open by b761686



  1. What a gorgeous necklace & thoughtful gift!

  2. Sounds kind of like you're going through a midlife crisis. Hope you don't leave your job. I just worry about what will happen when the boyfriend leaves for another situation.

  3. What a beautiful dress! What is the material? I think that this dress is just charming and would look nice on all body shapes. And that necklace is fabulous too!

  4. Wow u luk stunning in this dress....

  5. You know Bonnie, the more I read your posts, the more I believe that this isn't just about a change in man but more of a change in lifestyle. I can't help thinking that you have discovered that you are not heterosexual and you have found happiness with another woman. Maybe I am wrong but I can't help sensing that this is a much bigger change than just getting a new guy.

  6. This dress is just STUNNING on you...amazing with your coloring.

    LOL about ditching the day job. I fantasize about doing that every day of the week myself.

  7. Aw, thanks for the sweet words, Bonnie - I'm glad you like your necklace! It's been awesome 'meeting' you through the blog world. Growing up around hippies is great - but I don't really miss the outdoor plumbing...LOL! Take care of yourself - and fantastic outfit, btw! Tracy

  8. You look beautiful in red Bonnie! I'm kicking myself for not getting that dress when I had the chance. I love that necklace too. What a thoughtful gift!

  9. She has already said in a previous post that she is "spending time with the man she loves." Bonnie, please clear that up! Love the red dress on you, BTW!

  10. one of my (then-married) female fashion bloggie colleagues fell in love the female colleague, who was helping her with the photographs every sing;e day, that was about 2 years ago! The photos just great in her blog, but none of us suspected anything! We were in shock, and the husband was a colleague too at that time (he left the company since then). But then we all live in SAn Francisco. No big deal here! heee


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