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Sweater: Anthropologie Curlytop Cardigan
Boots: Anthropologie Buckled Paddock Boots

"Hey there, sister wife." - Alex Winston

I've worn this maxi dress several times now, but for some reason have not gotten a chance to snap a photo of it for the blog until now. This day was the first time it was cold enough that I had to wear a sweater with it. I felt very covered, but, strangely enough, not very warm. The dress and sweater may cover a lot of skin, but they are both made out of thin materials. I was absolutely freezing in this photo shoot. There was an insanely cold north wind blowing. I think my facial expressions in those first 2 photos tell the story. I mean, I know I'm not a big smiler and all, but I was down right pissed off at some wind in those photos.

The location of this shoot was among my beloved purple grass. This was my 3rd shoot with this grass in the past 3 years, but it was the first time the sun was not out. The grass doesn't look as spectacular without the sun setting it all aglow, but I still like the way these photos turned out. I even like them despite the fact that I've got some crazy Medusa hair going on in that 4th photo. Honestly, this is what it looked like when I woke up that morning. I didn't see a point in doing anything to it given the wind situation.

I'm dubbing this outfit my sexy sister wife getup. I felt like I would fit right in with the women folk at a religious compound in this number. I'm only showing a little bit of hands, face, and neck. Weirdly enough, Jerry found this outfit very sexy. Maybe it's the boobs. Nothing can hide those suckers. Or, maybe Jerry has a little freak-deaky fetish for Amish girls. Let's hope it's the former.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife



  1. The title of this point is spot on, lol! The saddest part is that I'm totally addicted to the show Sister Wives *hangs head down with embarrassment*

  2. Beautiful photos-perfect outfit for the gorgeous background. Love the outfit too-I'd "borrow" that from you in a heartbeat if I was a fellow sister-wife! You gotta rock the french-braid though to be a compound babe. Send that cold weather west-I'll take it!

  3. I have this same dress, too, and was really surprised at how fast my hubby's jaw dropped when I walked out in it. Looks great on you!

  4. I think you meant Mormons, because the Amish do not have sister wives anywhere in their history!
    Also, love this outfit and I love the way the wind is blowing it around, even if it was cold!

  5. Oh wow,I love how beautifully this dress moves in the wind.I've been looking at this dress ever since it came out and been considering's almost all sold out!I found a few on ebay,too,might get one there if I can.Also have an Anthro sweater styled similar to that one on my ebay wishlist,wouldn't have thought of putting those two together unless I saw this!Your pics want me want to buy them more than the catalog photos do. :)


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