Dentist Appts and Dogwood Blooms

"Dancing 'til we're new, so all that we've learned disappears." - Bloc Party

So, instead of typing more last night, I didn't type anything. LOL! I fell asleep in front of my laptop working on this post. Better late than never right?

It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the 60's. I had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. I go to the dentist in a nearby town even smaller than this one. I drive all the way out there because I'm terrified of the dentist and this one is really good with people like me. In other words, he'll give you lots of drugs and gases and stuff. LOL! I wasn't always this way. I've always had issues with my teeth, so I've been to the dentist alot in my life. I had a really bad experience a couple of years ago that made me terrifed to even walk into a dentist office. I was having a routine filling done. The dentist gave me the shot and left the room for it to take effect. Everything was fine. I felt normal. He came back in to start the procedure and decided to give me a little more of the shot. While he was administering the shot, I started feeling dizzy. I told him I needed to sit up. He sat me up and then I told him that I felt like I was going to pass out. My heart was beating a million miles an hour. He immediately leaned me all the way back in the chair. Everything went black. Voices started fading. I felt just like I was dying. Slowly, my vision came back, but I felt awful. My heart was still pounding. I got really cold and started shaking all over. They kept trying to sit me back up, but everytime they did, I would start feeling like I was going to pass out again. So, they called the ambulance and had me taken to the hospital. After another hour, I felt good enough to go home. It was the scariest thing I've ever been through. I just knew I was dying. The next time I went back to that dentist, I walk in the door and had a panic attack. I decided to switch dentist. So, that's the story of why I drive the back country roads to a tiny little town to go to the dentist.

I'm wearing the Soft-Structured Dress, this time with boots. I feel like I'm repeating alot of items lately. I'm trying my best to wear them in different ways, though. There hasn't been alot out there that I've wanted to buy other than shoes. I guess that a good thing for my pocketbook. Now, that it's starting to get warmer, I should be able to find some things in my closet that I haven't worn in awhile. So, bear with me.

Today's pictures are by a dogwood tree in my front yard. This poor tree never blooms very well. I think it's because it's around some oak trees that take all it's nutrients. I decided to give it some love today.

Today's song is "Flux" by Bloc Party. I should have been listening to this when I was typing this up last night. Maybe then I wouldn't have fallen asleep.

I'll be back tonight with another outfit that includes some items I haven't worn in awhile and some new, fabulous shoes. Have a great day!








Dress: Anthropologie Soft-Structured Dress

Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots

Ring and Earrings: The Limited



  1. Beautiful pix Bonnie! Yesterday was a dentist day for me also... To the orthodontist, then to dentist for cleaning and then back to orthodontist to get my braces tightened. Fun stuff!!!
    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. I love the colors in these photos!

  3. I love Flux, such a great song. So funny that I logged in and you are wearing this - I'm so thankful I bought the Soft Structured dress b/c jersey dresses are my new best friend right now and I was just thinking this morning I could wear it with my brown boots before packing them away for spring :-D

  4. I feel your "dental pain,"didya know novacaine can cause heart palps? My dentist switched me to carbocaine...doesnt do any of that nasty stuff! Hope this helps...


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