St. Patrick's Day Scrooge

"Louder, louder and we'll run for our lives. I can hardly speak. I understand why you can't raise your voice to say." - Snow Patrol

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I decided to be a St. Patrick's Day Scrooge and not wear any green. In fact, I just noticed that I'm wearing a very similar color scheme to yesterday's outfit. Not sure what that says. Anyway, the main reason I wore this is because the dress is new. I picked it up from The Limited yesterday.

I love the vibrant orange color of this dress and the ruffle at the neck line. The only negative I can say about it is it's a little wrinkle prone. The cardigan is one I got from Old Navy last year. I finished things off with some pattern tights and Seychelles pumps. I had the hardest time getting the pattern lined up on these tights this morning. I fought with them for 10 minutes. I had worked up a sweat by the time I was done. Who knew putting on tights could be such a workout. LOL! Do you all have the same problem with patterned tights?

Today's song is "Run" by Snow Patrol. I decided to go with my favorite Irish rock band in honor of St. Patty's Day. This is the song that made me fall in love with them.

I received an anonymous comment today asking me if I was pregnant because I so obviously am. LOL! No, I'm not with child. I'm maybe with food baby. Just wanted to clear that up.
Have a great night!









Dress: The Limited Ruffle Neck Sheath Dress

Cardigan: Old Navy

Tights: Victoria's Secret

Shoes: Seychelles Apple a Day Pumps



  1. great outfit! i love the dress with the patterned tights-- your legs look very sexy!

  2. I've been reading your blog for a long time, but have never commented.
    I just HAD to send you a note to tell you that anonymous commenter was out of her mind - you do NOT look pregnant in the least. Regardless, it is so unbelievably rude for someone to even ask that.
    You look great, and I'm glad you laughed it off - don't pay that person any mind, as they were clearly trying to get a rise out of you and/or it was out of jealousy.
    Ok, I just had to get that off my chest... keep looking fabulous!

  3. You always look so adorable! I have a random question for you. What is your favorite flavor VS lotion?

  4. holy moly-you DO NOT look pregnant. you look fantastic. you have a fabulous body and wear your clothes well. you look like a woman, not a girl. this dress is amazing on you.

  5. Those tights were worth the fight - they are AMAZING. And yeah. pregnant. Whatever. I wish I looked like you, so I must be, like, 11 months pregnant. LOL!

  6. Wow, if you look preggers I hate to see what the person would say about me! You look fantastic!

  7. Super pretty, I love the colors together! I haven't checked out The Limited in a long time, they really do have cute things - this dress reminds me of the Jacinth from Anthro.

  8. ! No, no, it was because you've been sleepy lately and mentioned naps and babies are on my mind. Nothing to do with your tummy at all. I've known people who were very tired during the first couple months (when nothing shows) which is what made me wonder and because sometimes people who aren't trying on purpose don't realize what happened because they aren't thinking of it as a possibility.

    Love the tights and shoes.

  9. Anon@1:23: I'm sorry. I reread that post this morning, and I can see why you thought I might be pregnant. I kept talking about how tired I was. I know you didn't mean that I looked pregnant. I totally misunderstood. Thanks for the clarification!


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