Anthropologie (and Gap) Fitting Room Reviews

Kingston Road Dress($228) with Hanging Gardens Cardigan($118). I was very excited to try this dress on, because it seems like everyone loves it. Naturally, I hated it on me. I tried on a size 8 because it looked like it might run small. The 8 fit great through the torso. I had no problems zipping it up. However, everything else about the dress seemed too big. I'm afraid if I sized down to a 6, it wouldn't zip. The crossover in the front did not fit snug to my chest, so I would have to wear a cami under it to make it decent. The biggest problem was the bottom half. It was just too poufy on me. It made me look like I had gained 10 pounds. It's a beautiful dress and looks great on other bloggers, but it is not for me. Pass. Now to the sweater. This is a great little cardigan. I tried a size small and it fit great. It's very soft, and I love the floral print. I also love it paired with this dress. If only the dress looked good on me. Sigh.


Soft Borders Dress($248). Here's another very expensive dress. No way I could afford this at it's current price, but I thought it would be fun to try it on. This is a size S, and it was little snug in the chest area. Maybe a medium would have been a better fit, but I was underwhelmed by this dress especially at this price point. Pass.


Speckled Grid Dress ($99.95). I know this is a sale item and has probably been reviewed to death by now, but I wanted to throw it in here because this is the item I ended up purchasing. I just love the vintage feel of this dress, and I think once I put a belt with it, it will really shine. I already have several ideas of how to style this dress in my head, so we shall see how it all turns out. This is a size small.


Dawning Day Dress ($298). Here another insanely expensive dress. When I first saw this hanging on the rack, I thought it was a tunic top, not a dress. Even though this dress is shorter than what I would normally wear, once I got it on, it didn't seem that short. I actually really like it. I think it is really flattering on my figure. It's definitely too rich for my blood, but if it's still around after a couple of cuts, I might consider purchasing it. This is a size 6. Wishlisted.


Endless Lengths Dress($138). Oh, what a comfy dress! The length was a little bit too long on me. Other than that, I really liked this dress. Great dress for hanging out on a hot summer day. It has really deep pockets in the front. Love them! This is a size S. Wishlisted.


Mid-Creation Skirt($98). This is the only skirt in the store that tempted me. I grabbed a size 6, and it buttoned but just barely. I think I need an 8 in this for it to be comfortable. It's a pretty skirt, but I think it's just a little too sweet for my taste. Pass.


May Flowers Top ($88). This is the only top in the store that tempted me. This looked like it ran big, so I grabbed a 4. Perfect fit. I really love this top, and almost purchased it, but I rationaled that it will probably be a little too boho for most people's taste, so I can get it on sale. Wishlisted.


Let's switch gears to Gap now. There were 2 pairs of jeans I wanted to try.

Wide Leg Trouser Jeans(faded dark wash) $69.50. I was really hoping these would work out, but they didn't. These are definitely no Pilcro's. I felt like I was wearing mom jeans. I tried a size 6 and they fit in the butt, but the waist was a little too big. Another big problem - the length. These suckers are long. I'm pretty sure they would still drag the floor even with platforms on. Pass.




Vintage Flare Jeans(light wash)$69.50. These were a little better but still not as flattering as my Pilcro's. I tried a size 6 in these too, and they were also a little big in the waist. The length seemed a little better on these, but they were still really long. I'm standing on my tip-toes in the pictures. The search continues for another pair of bell-bottoms to rival my Pilcro's.






  1. Eh, the Kingston Road - you win some you lose some - you WON, BIG TIME with the Speckled Grid dress, that is positively beautiful on you - I really love it! I actually think the Kingston Road looks good from your picture too, but if you don't feel great in something then it's just not meant to be....And I do really love the cardi on you, too!

  2. I'm a new commenter but have been enjoying your blog for a month or so now. Love the Speckled Grid dress on you! It's really gorgeous. Can't believe the jeans - are the back pockets really that giant? Definite pass!

  3. Thank you for your reviews of the Speckled Grid and Dawning Day dresses especially. Since I was very curious about the Speckled Grid, I am pleased to see how lovely it looked on you as we have similar builds.


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