"Is that all right?" - Damien Rice

I have a headache, and I'm not feeling good tonight, so this is going to be very brief.

I'm wearing my Soft-Structured Dress again. I know I just wore this last week, but I felt like wearing it again, so I did. I pulled my hair up and put a cardigan over it to give it a different look from last week. I'm not looking my best today, but that's the way it goes sometimes. At least, I was able to take some outdoor photos before the sun went down, so that's a plus. I'm really loving the purple weeds in this field. They were especially pretty this afternoon with the sun hitting them.

Today's song is "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice. This is my favorite song by him. It is hauntingly beautiful.

Sorry to be such a downer tonight. Thanks for understanding. Have a great night!








Dress: Anthropologie Soft-Structured Dress

Sweater: Anthropologie Outdoor Cafe Cardigan

Tights: Anthropologie Cockle Shell Tights

Shoes: Anthropologie Brass and Band Booties



  1. I swoon over this dress and the boots with it are killer! You look beautiful everyday! And you are right - the flowers are gorgeous! Cheers! xoxo

  2. I love that song, it is so beautiful. The video is really weird though. You are really making me want to buy that dress!

  3. I absolutely love that dress! I would wear it all the time if it were mine :)

  4. Hey, maybe this will cheer you up....That green blouse you bought last week (Springing Season Blouse) is likely going on sale tomorrow, so you can get a PA.
    Feel better!

  5. oh I love the pics! The sun created such a lovely look to the photos!

  6. That dress is great! You reminded me I want to snatch one up before they're all gone. And I WISH I could track down those boots in my size. They are so cool and I didn't know they existed til I saw them on your blog. I love the lighting in the first photo and all the signs of spring!

  7. Sherry: Thanks!

    LC: The video is weird, but I like weird stuff. LOL!

    Mommyblogger: It's a great dress!

    Lisa: Thanks for the heads up!

    Maven: Thank you!

    Jesspgh: I saw these boots at my store a couple of weeks ago. They were a return. So, you might want to check with customer service. Thanks!


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