"Tired and wired we ruin too easy, sleep in our clothes and wait for winter to leave." - The National

Another week, another Monday. This Monday was particularly bad for me. It's always difficult getting back into a routine. I got spoiled with no responsibility last week, but it was back to reality today. I was completely unmotivated at work. I didn't really accomplish that much. I've vowed to myself to do better tomorrow. My husband called me at 6pm and said he was just leaving work. Awesome! I had to cook dinner and deal with 3 kids all by myself. Then when he finally got home, he said he wasn't hungry. At least my younger son who has been sick and not eating that much lately, ate my spaghetti. That made it all worth it!

As promised, I'm wearing my new Spring-Ready Dress. I think I called it the Ready For Spring dress yesterday. I'm so confused. Anyway, I knew it had something to do with being ready for spring. LOL! It reached 80 degrees again today. It's suppose to be in the 50's tomorrow, so I knew if I was going to wear this dress, today was the day. I discovered this morning that the slip that came with this dress has adjustable straps. I was afraid when I tried it on in the store that the slip underneath was too low cut, but the adjustable straps solved that problem. The slip also came in handy when I was walking into work. It was very windy today, and the slip kept me from having a Marilyn moment. LOL! The dress is a little wrinkle prone, but not too bad. These pics were taken after a long day at work. I'm wearing a size small, and I have plenty of room. The elastic waist and pockets make this dress so comfy.

Today's song is "Apartment Song" by The National. I've been on a The National kick lately. This is one of my favorite songs by them. I think this song is about not wanting to face the responsibility of adulthood and just stay inside, forget the world, and be happy. I can really relate to this today.

Well, I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow, now that Monday is out of the way. I'll be announcing the details of my contest soon, so stayed tuned for that. Oooh, it's raining outside and we just had some thunder and lightning. A harbinger of spring maybe? Have a great night!









Dress: Anthropologie Spring-Ready Dress

Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots

Necklace: Target



  1. Hi Bonnie! I love this dress on you! And I am glad to hear it has a slip - and it was useful! Marilyn moments are scary! hahaha... hope your day is better tomorrow. Cheers! xoxo

  2. I felt the exact same way today! In all honesty, I felt blah towards the end of last night b/c I was dreading a new week starting. It was so hard to get moving this morning. I just kept thinking about crawling back into bed. And wishing I could be a stay-at-home mom, despite the fact I don't have children, a husband, or even a boyfriend. Wishful thinking, eh?

  3. I love that dress! I know it wouldn't look that good on me so I will have to be satisfied looking at you in it! I hope your week turns a corner!

  4. Thanks for showing this dress, Bonnie:)

    You look divine in it! I will be getting this dress:)

  5. Bonnie - Love the dress and color on you! I'm thinking of getting the navy version. Looks like such an easy, comfy dress that you can throw on and look great in. Also, I've been on the lookout for a great pendant necklace. Where did you get yours?

    Hope your Tuesday, and the rest of the week, gets better!

  6. This dress looks beautiful on you! I'm hoping to be dress twins with you soon...I don't think I can wait much longer to get this dress. My size seems to be selling quickly!

  7. Bonnie, This dress looks amazing on you, the emerald green compliments your skin and hair. I tried this on too, but didnt look right on me.
    Maybe Ill try on the navy version next time. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Hi! New reader....love your blog and that dress! Do the sleeves unbutton and roll down a bit? Thanks!

  9. Sherry: LOL! They are scary! Thanks!

    Kelly: We all go through funks. Some of us more than others. I'm sure you will start to feel better soon. Wouldn't we all like to stay home, but then when you stay home of few days, you are ready to go back to work. We all won't what we can't have. LOL!

    Minnesota Maven: Don't sell yourself short. You should at least try on this dress. I think it might surprise you. I didn't think I was going to like it on the hanger, but once I got it on, it was love.

    Miin: Oooh, so glad you are getting it!

    Megan: I got this necklace from Target. A friend of mine had one, and when I saw it on her, I had to have it. She was nice enough to pick one up for me on her next trip to Target.

    AppGal: Thanks! I can't wait to see it on you. I know it's going to look great!

    Lan: Thanks! Yeah, give the navy a shot!

    Anon: Thank you! I think they do, but I'm not sure. I will check when I get home.


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