Another Way to Wear Bianka

"Forever is a long, long time when you've lost your way." - Phoenix

Today started off rough, but ended on a good note. Can't ask much more from a Monday, I suppose. Probably the most exciting thing that happened all day was I bought tickets to see The Decemberists in June. I can't wait! This will be my third time seeing them in concert. They are so awesome live!

I'm wearing my Bianka blouse today. This thing is seriously huge on me now, so I tucked it into a pencil skirt. So far I've worn this top with jeans and pants. This is my first time wearing it with a skirt. I think this might be my favorite look with it yet. My Raines Heels go with the blouse so well. The cleaning lady at work this morning said, "Those shoes are baaaad!" LOL! I do love these shoes, and to think I almost didn't buy them. I can't imagine my life without them now. It makes me wonder what things I've passed up on that I would have loved. I guess I'll never know..

Today's song is "Lasso" by Phoenix. I saw them in concert last summer. It was a good time! Their music is so upbeat and happy. Perfect music to ward off the Monday blues. My son came in while I was playing this song earlier, and he started singing along with me. He is so much like me. I think he's going to be a fellow music lover.

Well, not much to talk about tonight. It took a long time to do my son's homework, so I'm pretty tired. Also, my daughter is in bed with me watching ICarly, and it's really hard to type with that going on in the background. Yes, she's only 3 and watching a teenager show. She's 3 going on 16. I'm going to try and get my teenager asleep now. Have a good night!









Top: Anthropologie Bianka Blouse

Skirt: Anthropologie Acting Out Skirt

Tights: The Limited

Shoes: Anthropologie Raines Heels

Ring: Old Navy



  1. Love the Bianka and skirt combo! Cute outfit!

  2. Ugh!!! I cant stand your constant cuteness!!! :)

  3. I love this outfit! I have the same Bianca blouse and have only worn it with jeans/pants. This combo looks great on you! I will have to give it a try. Pretty ring!

  4. Love this outfit! That motif of the Bianka looks fab on you! I just tracked down that skirt last week and can't wait for it to's so cute! Hoe you have a great night!

  5. I love it! I have the Bianca blouse in red, but I got a spot on it! I was so sad. I don't know what it was either, so it makes it hard to figure out how to get it out! The acting out skirt is a perfect companion to the shirt!

  6. Yup! It looks amazing - you really have a knack for putting things together. Also, I never really cared for that blouse (despite tons of love in the blog world) until I saw it on you - you definitely bring out the best in it!!

  7. I love putting that blouse with my Raines Heels too! Looks really great with a skirt! I can't wait for it to warm up so I can wear it with my Gifted skirt.

  8. Ok - I am sick with envy for the blouse, shoes and skirt... alone AND the combo! You are seriously adorable.....Big Hugs!

  9. Lorraine: Thanks!

    Kerri: LOL! You are so funny!

    kristin: Yeah, I never thought about wearing this with a skirt before either. I hope it works for you.

    Jenni: Thanks! Can't wait to see the skirt on you!

    Maven: Oooh, sorry about the stain. Have you tried toothpaste?

    Tracy: Aww, thanks!

    Terrie: It is a perfect match with the Raines Heels. I bet it will look great with the Gifted skirt.

    Sherry: LOL! Thanks!


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