Sun Hands and Sweater Tights

"The most beautiful colors chase the sun. They wrap her trail in a taunting gesture that seems to sing out loud, 'this is what you're missing'." - Local Natives

It was a bright and sunny day. Unfortunately, I was super busy at work and didn't leave the building the whole day. It must have taken it's toll on me, because I'm feeling pretty down tonight. I should probably make a point to leave the building for a little while each day.

My morning did not start off the greatest. When I picked my son up yesterday, he told me he had lost his glasses again. I told him to look for them at school today, and if he didn't find them there, we would search the house really good. Well, this morning while I was in the shower, my mom came storming into the bathroom asking where his glasses were. I told her I didn't know to which she replied, "Yeah, you wouldn't know where they were unless they were on YOUR face!" She puts me down like this all the time. Usually I just let it roll right off of me, but for some reason, this morning it really hurt me. (By the way, my son was wearing his glasses when I picked him up this afternoon. He had left them at school, just like I thought.) I've spoken to her on several occasions about how it makes me feel when she puts me down, but she just can't stop doing it.

Everyone in my family knows about the post I did for EA today, but none of them have shown any interest in knowing more about or even reading it. My husband hasn't even read it, and he knows how excited I was about it. It hurts that there is no one in my life that is interested in the things I enjoy. I guess the things I enjoy are for me, and I shouldn't expect others to be interested in it, but it feels lonely sometimes.

I'm wearing my sweater dress from The Limited again. This time I jazzed it up with some sweater tights. I really love these tights, but I have a hard time finding things to wear with them. I think this dress in my favorite thing I've worn with them so far. My husband said I can call around and try to find a Soft-Structured Dress tomorrow. I really hope I can find one in my size!

The song today is "Sun Hands" by Local Natives. I love this band so much! They played at a little club a couple hours from me a few months ago. I wanted to go so bad, but I couldn't find anybody to go with me. I wish I had just gone by myself. I'm kicking myself for not going now. Anyway, I think this song is about feeling happiness, losing it, and wanting to get it back again.

Thanks to everyone who read my post on EA and commented! It meant so much to me!

SweaterTights 008

SweaterTights 019

SweaterTights 032

SweaterTights 026

SweaterTights 043

SweaterTights 048

Dress: The Limited Double Ruffle Wrap Sweater Dress

Tights: Anthropologie

Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots



  1. I love that you post music on your blog, you've introduced me to so many new artists. It helps that I'm a fellow indie rock worshiper. I'm sorry your day wasn't all that it could be, your post was wonderful, I loved your pictures! You have such a casual chic look going on today, and I love it! (and next time I say go alone I bet you'll have a blast)

  2. Hi Bonnie, I think this is the first time you were more specific about some of the concerns you have and I'm glad, in a way, that you're letting it out. Talking about it will make you feel better. I'm sorry to hear that your family's not showing much interest in your music post. Sometimes maybe it takes them more time to get to it. Don't worry, just keep doing what you're doing. Look at your blog stats, people are reading for sure. :)

  3. Love that outfit on you today...the dress and tights (super cute) are a perfect match. By the way, I thought your post on EA was awesome! The picture was fabulous...did you really lug that piano out there? wow! It was a great idea. =)

  4. hi Bonnie, Ive just discovered anthropologie clothing the last few months (Im from Australia) I came across your blog and love your sense of style. i had to comment on this blog as I can relate to you. your mother is probably jealous of what you have achieved. dont take it to heart, its their problem so they are the ones that need to do some soul searching. and we are all hear pretty much on our own ( I have a husband and kids) and Im an artist and Ive realized they are not interested in what I do and I accept that. its great you have this blog as you have people to share your interests with and thats all you need. look after you.

  5. I think sometimes our mothers don't realize how harsh their criticisim can be. My mom is terrible to say things & I know she thinks it goes in one ear and out the other. The reality is, it doesn't always. Thinking of you friend and hope things get better for you soon. Now, on ot the fun stuff! The cress looks AMAZING and I love those tights. This outfit rocks from head to toe.

  6. What a perfect way to wear those tights. Super Cute!
    It can be very hurtful when the people you love are not interested in the things you value. One thing I try to remember is that since I know how that feels, I don't want to make anyone else feel the same way. EI: My husband loves to hunt. I do not, but I try to listen to his stories and ask questions and encourage him to go. Hope this helps a little. :)

  7. Bonnie, great tights! I may have to pick up a pair. Sorry to hear that your mom is being so discouraging again. I feel for you - but those of us in the blogging world care about you and what you do! I loved your piece on EA - I can't believe you lugged the piano outside either! It made for some great photos, though. Keep your head up

  8. Bonnie, I loved your post so much. Music means a lot to me so it really hit home for me! I appreciated it and I know the community did too. I'm sorry your family didn't show the interest you were hoping but it was a hit in my book. :)

  9. That always hurts. I think it's especially hard when your family is as physically close as yours is. I would probably try to get some distance and spend more time with friends/make new friends. In no way do I mean cutting your family out! That would be way too drastic when I'm sure they bring a lot of good things to your life - but just because we love someone doesn't mean it's good for us to spend a lot of time with them. Sometimes rationing is better. You're in control of your own life and it's your decision how to spend your time and how to structure your life so that it brings you happiness.

    I miss my family a lot but sometimes I'm very grateful for the distance.

  10. Hey Bonnie! I loved your post at EA. And the dress, tights and shoes??? AWESOME!!!! It is nice to hear about how much you love music and the piano. What a nice way to put some positivity out there... and let the world know what a diverse person you are... Hugs! xoxo

  11. I will endure the night..for the promise of light! next time they come, see them! they're amazing live!

  12. Hi bonnie
    i liked your post at ea a lot. Also i love the sweaterdress from the limited. It looks very cozy. I can relate to your son losing his glasses. I think it is a boy thing. My son has lost more gloves and cellphones than i care to count. Dont blame yourself, I am sure you are doing your best!

  13. Very pretty sweater tights. They look so comfy!

  14. Minnesota Maven: I'm so happy I've introduced you to some new bands!

    Cindi: Thanks for your encouraging words!

    Jenni: Thanks! Well, I didn't lug the piano out there. I just "supervised." LOL!

    Anon@12:10: Thanks for sharing! It's good to know someone understands.

    Mommyblogger: Aw, thanks! You are so sweet!

    Modernmom: Thanks for the advice. I'm the same way. Since I know how it feels, I make a special effort to be interested in other people's hobbies.

    AP: Thanks for the kind words. I got these tights last year, so Ebay would be the only place you might be able to find them.

    Roxy: Thanks girl! I'm so appreciative to you for inviting me to do the post. I had such a good time doing it!

    Anon@8:13: Thanks for the advice. It's just hard to ration when you have kids. My mom comes over all the time to help me. Maybe I'll suggest she stay home a little more.

    Sherry: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    Leslie: Way to rub it in! LOL! ;-)

    ali: Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely a boy thing.

    Kimmie: Thank you! They are very comfy!


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