Lotus Flower

"There's an empty space inside my heart where the wings take root" - Radiohead

Well, the weekend is finally here. This was a pretty rough Friday at work. My phone rang non-stop all morning and it seemed like there was something wrong with everything I sent people. I sent one report out 4 different times. I finally got it right, though. It's hard to focus on Friday's! It was a beautiful day here and in the 70's! It felt so good. I went out for a little while and got some lunch. I rode around with my windows down and my favorite music playing.

I'm wearing a top I stalked on Ebay for months. One of my girlfriends has this top and when I saw it on her, I had to have it. It took awhile for one to finally pop up, but when it did, I pounced. She also has the necklace I'm wearing, but she has the peach/orange version. I think I like the orange one better with this top. It's more of a contrast, but this one works too. I wasn't sure at first what shoes to wear this morning. It's warm, so I could have worn sandals, but my toenails are not ready to make their debut for spring yet. However, this warm weather has inspired me to give myself a pedicure this weekend. I ended up going with a pair of wedges I got from DSW last year. I love these shoes! The flower on them is so stinking cute!

Today's song is "Lotus Flower" by Radiohead. This is off their brand new album. It was suppose to be available for download tomorrow, but they surprised us and offered it for download today. I've downloaded my copy and have listened to it twice already. I was surprised at the brevity of this album. So far, I'm not that impressed. Their last album was awesome, so my expectations were high. Since this song is so new, I couldn't find it on Grooveshark. I'm posting the video for it instead. Besides, who doesn't like to see Thom Yorke doing some crazy dancing. I saw Radiohead in concert a few years ago, and I couldn't believe how short that guy was. LOL!

I'm so proud of myself. I didn't even go to Anthropologie's website all week or any shopping websites, for that matter! I feel like I'm really making progress. Of course, I'm really gonna fall of the wagon this coming week since I will have access to a store. I'm limiting myself to $200, though. Who knows? Maybe everything I try on will look like crap on me. LOL! I'm going to try to get some good outdoor pics for you this weekend since it's going to be so nice out. Have a great night!









Top: Anthropologie Deletta Top

Jeans: Arden B

Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade Necklace

Shoes: DSW

Ring: The Limited



  1. I can see why you stalked this top! It's very cute, I really like how you paired it with turquoise accents, and your shoes are adorable! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Those shoes are so cute!

  3. Oh...love those shoes. What brand are they? Are they comfy?

  4. Wow - you look gorgeous - and like you're not even trying! The colours of that top suit you perfectly - great outfit. Hope you have an awesome weekend~

  5. Love this outfit on you! Top is adorbs and the shoes are gorg...have a fab weekend.

  6. Minnesota Maven: Thanks! I hope you have a good one too!

    mommyblogger: Thank you!

    sgrudzien: Thanks! They are Civico 100. I got them from DSW last year. Yes, they are very comfortable.

    Tracy: Thanks! Wish I could say I didn't try, but I did! LOL!

    Sherry: Thanks! You too!


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