Flower Child

"Well I'd like to think I'm the mess you'd wear with pride." - Band of Horses

I haven't really done a darn thing today. I stayed in bed until noon, got up and put some clothes in the washing machine, and pretty much spent the rest of the day catching up on TV shows. I've watched 2 episodes of Fringe and 1 episode of Justified so far. I really like getting behind on my shows because then I can have a marathon viewing session. Those are always fun. I have alot left to watch, so I have a feeling I'm going to be up late tonight.

Today's photo shoot was challenging to say the least. It was a warm, sunny day, but there was a hurricane force wind blowing. I really, really hate wind. It's just plain aggravating! I couldn't get up with my mom to ask her to come over and watch the kids, so I had no choice but to take pictures in my backyard. My first idea was to sit next to the barn in hopes the wind would be blocked. Yeah, that didn't work out as planned. I swear the wind picked up as soon as I stepped out there. My hair was literally being blown straight up. Next, I tried sitting next to a tree. Nope, that didn't work either. Then I tried standing in front of the old stick barn. That blocked the wind pretty good, but we weren't really getting any interesting shots. Finally, I said screw it and sat out in the middle of some purple flowers in the field. Miraculously, the wind calmed down some. Of course, at this point my hair was destroyed. I had no idea what I was going get when I upload these pictures. I ended up really liking alot of them! I like that my hair is sticking up and falling down and isn't perfect. I think it gives an authentic quality to these photos. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. LOL!

I kept my outfit today very simple. This is another top that I purchased for $10 from Kjrsten at Have a Cute Day. It's so comfy and it has that bohemian vibe that I love. I put a flower clip in my hair to add more interest to the outfit. Also, I'm wearing sandals today. I gave myself a pedicure while I watched Fringe, so I was no longer embarrased to show my toes.

Today's song is "I Go to the Barn Because I Like the" by Band of Horses. Yes, it's a very incomplete title. I'm not sure what the deal is with that. Some people think you are suppose to combine it with the band's name so it becomes, "I Go to the Barn Because I Like the Band of Horses." I don't know about that, but I do know that this is a very pretty song. The laid back nature of it is very representative of the kind of mood I'm in today.

Well, since I didn't do much today, I'm going to have to get up really early and clean my butt off in the morning. Then, I have to pack for my trip tomorrow afternoon. I hate packing. I basically have to pack my whole closet. I dress according to my mood, so I can't plan outfits. I'm really starting to get excited about being able to spend ALOT of time in Anthropologie next week! Have a great night!













Top: Anthropologie Girls from Savoy Top

Jeans: Pilcro Straight Leg Jeans

Shoes: Seychelles Get Outta Town Sandals

Hair Clip: Anthropologie

Ring: The Limited



  1. Well, your photos turned out beautiful, even with the high winds to deal with! I love the ones in the purple flower field! The flower in your hair is super cute! Nice top too - I recently met Kjrsten and her sister Anna (at anthropologie, of course)! I was very excited, especially because Kjrsten is going to be taking my family/engagement pictures in a few months!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love your outfit, especially your top. I just now seen your closet located at the top of your page. You have some great items. I will go through them more thoroughly when I have some time. I'm following you now on that site too!!!

  3. Oh, to have fields of purple flowers to lay down in, and a chance to wear sandals! We're still under a foot of snow...(pouty face). Gorgeous shots - love the first one in the purple flowers, crazy beautiful. Nice job!

  4. It was windy up here too. I cannot stand the wind...it is sooo frustrating! And it always happens that I fail to read the weather report the morning of and I end up wearing a skirt that flies up at every gust.

  5. This is a great outfit...it looks so perfect in the background. I have that top in lavender and love it too. P.S. It's called the Frothy Top.

  6. kristin: Thanks! That's so cool that you met the girls from Have a Cute Day! I think they are the coolest! Kjrsten is such a talented photographer! I'm jealous she is going to be taking your pictures!

    mommyblogger: Thanks! Let me know if you see anything that catches your eye. I still haven't moved anything to Ebay yet. Too lazy! LOL!

    Tracy: Yes, it was nice to let the feet breath!Thanks! That's my favorite one as well!

    AppGal: LOL! I do the same thing with wearing skirts on windy days. I have to walk around outside holding my skirt down.

    LC: Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the name!


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