Dressed For Snow

"Can I confess these things to you? Well I don't know. Embedded in my chest and it hurts to hold." - The XX

Well, I'm in a good mood for once! It feels good to feel good. The day started out with a beautiful snow. I enjoyed my drive into work immensly. The roads were clear, and there were these huge, gorgeous white flakes of snow falling down. I just wanted to run around out in it, but I had to go to work. Since we were having "inclement" weather, I wore jeggings and my FUGG (Fake UGG) boots. Of course, when I got to work, I was the only person wearing jeans. Awkward! I tried to hide at my desk all day. I only got up to go to the bathroom and warm up some pizza in the kitchen.

My outfit today is nothing to write home about. I was very comfortable, though, and I didn't have to worry about messing my shoes up in the snow. These are my "errand running" boots. I swore I would never get a pair of these type of boots. I have big feet and these things make my feet look ginormous, but I couldn't deny the fact that they are so easy to throw on and incredibly comfortable.

I'm having a hard time typing anything tonight. My little girl is in bed with me and she keeps asking me to scatch her back. She keeps closing her eyes and saying, "That feels good, mommy." LOL! I think I've started something. She has slept with me every night this week. Honestly, I prefer sleeping with her - she doesn't snore.

Today's song is "Night Time" by The XX. I discovered this album a while back. It was of those rare albums that I got into right away. Most albums take a few listens, but not this one. I read some others people's interpretations of these lyrics, but I didn't really agree with any of them. This is my take on this song: It's about having feelings for someone, but struggling with whether to tell them or not. Night time is the worst because you have all these thoughts running around in your head. I'm not sure if I'm right, but that's what I take from it.

Tomorrow is Friday. It's jeans day, so I can wear jeans guilt-free. I'll try to be more creative with my outfit. Well, I've got a little girl begging for a back scratch. Good night!






Top: Anthropologie Narrow-Ruled Henley

Jeans: AE Jeggings

Boots: AE

Necklace: The Limited



  1. So glad your having a good day. You look so cute. I love your top and your boots!

  2. I love your necklace! I admit to having a penchant for all things turquoise-y so your ring is also singing to me.

  3. Love that henley on you! You look so chic!

  4. Mommyblogger: Aww, thanks! I felt a little too casual, but I'm glad you liked it.

    Kerri: Thank you! :-)

    Steph: Thanks! I love a little turquoise myself!

    Mandy: Thanks!


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